PTW Hop Tool Storage Solution

I’ve been doing this for a few months now, after discovering this bit in Kampfer’s toolbox at work… which he was just using as a punch after all. While not the factory Systema hop up adjustment key, this is a 1.5mm hex driver – this is the size that will do the trick. The cogs in my head started turning when I noticed that the length of that bit was actually very similar to the length of the storage compartment in my Element TD (clone of Tangdown) vertical forward grip.

(1) Obtain shorter 1.5mm driver bit.


(2) Put tool inside storage compartment of vertical grip.


(3) Enjoy easy to access tool that will always be with your gun.


  • To eliminate rattle: roughly cut one piece of foam to line the inside of the storage compartment, one piece for the top of the compartment, one piece for the bottom.
  • To make the tool less prone to getting lost: wrap tool in high visibility, brightly coloured tape (spray paint would work as well).
  • Cutting down an existing tool to fit given storage compartment would also work for fitment within a Tangodown (Element repro in this case) vert foregrip.

Thanks to Driftinsti for posting his solution to this problem on a local store’s forum and reminding me to take photos of the way I do this. After responding to his post, I figured I might as well share my own solution as well here on Overhoppers.

… why yes, that’s a brand new Prime upper receiver in the pictures!

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