ASG – Oct 27, 2013

Finally got my King Arms M4A1 AEG up and running again – I’ve actually kind of missed running this M4 AEG. Even though my PTW does really outshine it in terms of consistency, range and trigger response, there’s just something about dumping mags with a much cheaper gun that you’ve put uncountable amounts of blood, sweat and tears into that just doesn’t compare.

More footage to come later from the afternoon games, I just haven’t quite finished cutting it all together yet.

Last video for the day:

Some of the games at Ambush this weekend were minor gong shows as compared to the previous Airsoft Gear game days, but I guess that’s how it goes with the change of leadership there (yet again). That being said, I still had fun rolling with the likes of Dizzy, Jaws, Jester and Jetlag. And being able to rock MARSOC kit with Jester again was awesome – I finally got to play alongside him for the first time in months.

Thanks to Felix from MILSIG for sponsoring me with the plentiful Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades… that being said, many of these were actually leftovers from Operation Iceback back in August.

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