Prime CNC Upper Receiver for Systema PTW

This arrived late last week – fully sick! Prime CNC’ed goodness…


Quick notes on fitment:

  • Systema charging handle fit.
  • Systema dust cover & pin fit, though upper corners of dust cover were a bit tight.
  • Systema black and silver cylinders fit a little tighter than in Systema upper, though not overly so.
  • Systema steel 14.5″ outer barrel fit, though the diameter of the chamber seemed slightly smaller than the hole in the receiver by a fraction of a MM – Systema upper fit slightly better.
  • Systema barrel nut was harder to install, some chasing of the threads was required to complete it.
  • Buffer tube cap on my lower requires reshimming after installation of Prime upper.
  • Minor play between Prime upper and Systema lower – about the same as the Systema upper I had before.


Amidst the bubble wrap, I dug out these two bags from the box.


Very clean cut.


Nice matte finish. Seems durable enough – doesn’t scratch off easily. Might be cause of issue of tight barrel nut threads and tight cylinder fitment.


Note: Systema OEM dust cover fit well, but the corners did dig a little bit into the corners outside of the Prime ejection port.


Heck, even the dummy forward assist looks nice.


Systema OEM outer barrel has fractionally small play in it without barrel nut being secured in place, not present in Systema upper.


Mmmm, machine marks…


Systema charging handle, as well as black and silver cylinders fit well. Cylinders were a little bit tighter than the fit in my old Systema upper – nothing worrisome to me though. Less slop can’t be a bad thing.


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