Tokyo Marui 115 rd BB Loading Tool

May I present to you… one brand new Marui “Speedloader” of the pistol magazine size: a simple contraption that allows quick, easy and spill-free of many types of Airsoft magazines. A BB reservoir is integrated into the tool, feeding into a channel allowing a set number of BBs to fall into it. When the plunger is depressed, these BBs are pushed into the magazine.


There are many clones of it, but this is one of the best out there. For only a few USD more (HK online retail pricing), why would one not consider buying a Japanese-produced one that will last years, over one of those crappy clones that are prone to failures after months of usage? That’s an easy answer in this user’s opinion…

The proof is in the pudding. Tolerances and quality of materials are key – no jams, no prematurely broken plungers, and no unexpected locking or unlocking of buttons and doors.


As per this design, there’s a hinged door that opens up to allow BBs to be poured into the reservoir. Note that Marui knows how to mould plastic to spec – no loose doors that are prone to opening up unexpectedly here. 115 rounds is the advertised capacity, I find I can generally fill it to around 130 rounds (just over an 120rd PTS PMAG mid cap, or almost all mid-capacity-or-less magazines on the market)¬† if crammed right up to the top with BBs down the pipe.


The push button near the top of the Marui loader locks the plunger down and out of the way when not in use – this button actually functions as it should and won’t lock or unlock on its own, even after years of wear and tear. With this catch released, the user simply lines up the lip of the speed loader with the magazine and pumps the plunger until full (4 rounds loaded per pump).


Versatility is depicted on the back of the packaging, as is the purpose of the spare loose adaptor. To be honest though, I’m more prone to loosing these pistol magazine adaptors rather than actually putting them to good use. I just load my GBB magazines without this, using a thumb or finger to guide the BBs if necessary.


How to use the functions of the Marui loader are explained in these diagrams. The lip of the Marui speed loader features a built-in O-ring that retains the last (5th) BB in the pipe, preventing loose BBs from spilling out of the loader when the process of loading each magazine is completed.


I purchased two more of these following a minor breakage in my original TM loader that I’ve been using almost exclusively over the past 3 years. I’ve seen Marui loaders in action that have lasted a decade if treated right… that’s nothing to be scoffed at for a cheap, moulded plastic contraption such as this.


Don’t get me wrong – this Marui loader is still fully functional. Its just harder to use without a completely intact lip with hard-to-load magazines such as my Systema PTW magazines or GBBR magazines. As a matter of fact, the lip broke only when I was attempting to cram a few more BBs into one of my GBBR magazines… no big surprise there, I actually blame user error when I tried to force it; something was bound to break because of that.


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