New stuff: Replica Magpul RSA and Lonex AK Hop Up Unit

Magpul RSA & Lonex AK Hop Up

Magpul RSA & Lonex AK Hop Up

So this past week I got a small shipment of goodies from, a replica Magpul RSA and a Lonex AK Hop Up Unit.

Over the summer when using my King Arms M4 I was primarily using a single point sling with an MS2 & MS3 Sling. It was great for quickly bringing up your primary weapon to shoot and transitioning shooting hands from right to left when going around corners, however in longer games it was a pain to maneuver the gun out of the way or simply sling it across your back for easy transportation. Thus I picked up a replica Magpul RSA to mount on my front rail system to easily transition from a one to two point sling configuration. 

The RSA (Rail Sling Attachment) is a simple and effective accessory which can be mounted on any standard rail space, providing the user with an additional sling point. As seen on the pictures below I’ve mounted it on the left side of my rail system. Because its such a small accessory it doesn’t take up much rail space and it can easily be shifted around based on the user’s preference by use of a hex key.

Next up is the Lonex AK Hop Up Unit. I’ve owned an Echo 1 Wolverine for about a year now and I have loved this gun for its durability and performance. Sure its externals and internals are nowhere close to that of an LCT’s but this gun has weathered punishment and abuse and has held up. Recently my teammates and I have begun rocking more Russian gear, Gorkas and Smershes (funny names and pictures I’ll be posting later). So I decided to show my Wolverine some love and upgrade its hop up, from the cheap plastic factory stock unit to the aluminum precision cut Lonex unit.

As seen below in the pictures the package comes with all of the bits and components necessary to construct the hop up. The hop up unit itself is solid as a rock and clearly precision cut. Previously the lonex hop up I utilized in my M4 has some issues in the fitting of the barrel clip however this unit doesn’t seem to have these issues. I’ll be posting pictures later on of its installation into my Echo 1 Wolverine.

Lonex Enhanced Hop Up for AK Series AEGs

Lonex Enhanced Hop Up for AK Series AEGs


2 responses to “New stuff: Replica Magpul RSA and Lonex AK Hop Up Unit

  • Goggles

    That’s the thing about one-point slings, I think the setup would work great for indoor / CQB games with the reasons you stated, but for outdoor games at the likes of Ambush, it’s more of a pain (literally) than a benefit. Two point slings are better for the long haul I find.

    To each their own though, right?

  • tak

    Yeah I definitely agree, its certainly a personal preference. I like the RSA for just that reason. You can swap it between platforms very quickly and when its on a platform it gives you the flexibility to set up your weapon on the fly based on whats needed. If you need to be ready for close quarters switch to a one point configuration in a snap, need some rest or need to stow the weapon switch back to a two point.

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