Name Those Buckings

While toying with starting a R-Hop install, I decided to turn a bunch of my hop up rubbers inside out to compare the geometry and size of the contact patches with a fitted HSS IR-Hop patch to the window in a Falcon inner barrel.

This is a small portion of the collection of sleeves in my possession.

Let’s play a game of “Name Those Hop Up Buckings,” shall we?


I’ve done quite a bit of testing with these rubbers pictured here. They worked well enough for me to go play a full game day with – there are many others in my parts box that didn’t meet my standards, as well as many utilizing standard Tokyo Marui style mounds that just aren’t as interesting to look at.

10 responses to “Name Those Buckings

  • Goggles

    I’m just going to take a wild stab here.

    From left to right
    PDI W-Hold
    Firefly Bucking
    Maybe Systema?
    Maple Leaf
    Falcon Green Bucking

  • Gunny

    #3 is a A+ studio hopup.

  • T Uniat

    The only one I’m interested in is the second one an no one has guessed it yet. Can you please fill in the blank.Which one was your favorite. I run r-hop but I need something quick to throw in my friends guns so I don’t spend the rest of my life doing r-hop mods. I apologize, my computer is currently rebelling against question marks so I’m just going to sound very matter-of-fact.

    • juicy

      The second one is current gen A Plus Studios. I’m not a fan of it, as it doesn’t give even close to the R-hop-like performance that I had with the old gen A Plus… that being said, having to modify barrel window after barrel window to use the old gen A Plus was becoming a paon in the butt.

      To answer your question a little more directly, if I had to pick one that had perceivable increase in performance and with minimal modding, it would have to be the Maple Leaf/nub combination.

      • T Uniat

        Good to hear. I just dropped that in an APS M4 Guardian Match Series (Tan) for my buddy as a wedding present. His wife isn’t exactly thrilled with me.

  • T Uniat

    Also.for anyone keeping score, that sure looks like a Raptors RTX maple leaf hop up nub. Basically identical to the Maple Leaf RTX nub but less blue and more black.

  • T Uniat

    Or…uh… it could be the nub that came with your maple leaf bucking that has simply been made in two different colors and I look like a dumb ass.right about now. One or the other…

    • juicy

      To the best of my knowledge – that’s correct. The Maple Leaf bucking in the picture is one of the earlier ones (it came with both rubber & nub in the same packaging). Haven’t found a source that I want to shop at yet for the current nubs, and don’t really need anymore of them at this point in time anyway.

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