Overview: APS ACP

Here’s the outside of the box for the APS Action Combat Pistol (ACP) – a CO2 powered GBB pistol that faintly resembles a Glock 17.


APS has been producing paintball markers for a while now – notably the RAM (Real Action Marker) series. I guess when it comes to CO2 power, they should know what they’re doing… here’s hoping, at least.


Last updated Novembver 18, 2013.

Nice box… though it reminds me of one of those plastic sealable food containers.


Contents of the box:


Simple markings and angled slide serrations are quite pleasing to the eye. All controls are very similar in appearance to those that would be found on a Glock… but with minor differences (with the exception of the slide stop lever).


Front slide serrations are a nice touch. I also like the small patch of texture above the front end of the trigger guard.


Sights are… different. I’m not sure how easy these would be to shoot in a pinch; I find the rear markings to be much larger than the front dot, causing my eye to want to focus on the rear sight a bit more.


Nice grip texture. Nothing aggressive, but it does look and feel nice.


Bottom of the ACP grip strongly resemebles that of the TM Glock 17 “Custom,” with the open holes to the rear of the magwell allowing attachment of aftermarket flared magazine wells or other grip plug accessories. Hmmm…


Tip of the outer barrel is internally threaded to allow attachment of included suppressor adaptor.


The included suppressor adaptor is shown attached here. Note that this threaded barrel tip part is not actually metal, its some sort of polymer.


Open ejection port with slide locked to rear.


Now for a quick peek inside the ejection port – huh, that looks familiar…


Field strips just a like a Glock. And the ACP strongly resembles a Tokyo Marui G17 on the inside as well… the parts all looks very similar to an original Marui lower.


From the inside of the frame, this looks identical to the trigger mech found in a TM G17 (and G18C). I can’t, however, confirm whether or not things are 100% the same in terms of dimensions and compatibility as this is a brand new gun that recently arrived at work.


However, when you take a look inside the slide, things look beefier. Especially of note: dual stage recoil spring, clear polycarbonate loading nozzle, metal floating valve.


Hop up chamber appears to be very similar in shape and size of the original TM, except for this one lip that holds the spring guide in place. I did not open the gun any further as this is not mine, but rather is supposed to be sold as “brand new in box” at work.


Clear loading nozzle and enhanced metal floating valve definitely look strong enough to withstand a beating – I’m impressed. Piston head uses cup design… but the piston head itself appears to still be plastic – not sure about the quality of the material here (and as a result, the durability).


WTF is this… trigger safety on the trigger? I guess since its hard for an Airsoft company to clone the Glock style trigger safety mechanism without a lawsuit from Glock themselves, APS couldn’t simply replicate that – but still, this is not the most eye-appealing solution to this problem.


… but its not all that bad on this side. However…


This safety mechanism located on the trigger means that there must be this unsightly gap in the frame, in order to allow the safety in the “fire” position to slip past.


Now… the most interesting part – the CO2 magazine. On first glance, it most definitely resembles the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 “Custom” magazine with the +2 style extended baseplate.


But the valve is noticeably different, as is the gap in the rear of the baseplate.


The baseplate slides forward to grant the user access to the CO2 compartment.


Depicted here are the instructions on how to install a 12g CO2 capsule, then how to puncture the capsule properly when it has been sealed into the magazine.


Pictured here is the 2-piece magazine cap with the included key.


Interesting – the CO2 capsule gets punctured not on the top like your typical reverse engineered CO2 magazine a la KJW or WE, but rather towards the bottom of the magazine.


With the O-rings on the bottom of this threaded cap, this can only mean that the contents of the CO2 capsule flood the chamber when punctured. Rather than a direct injection of CO2 into the GBB’s internals, the ACP magazine by design helps to regulate this a bit. Very interesting design. (Included in the box are a set of spare O-rings for the threaded cap.)


At this point in time, curiosity got the better of me, so I gassed it up and shot it – I mean, I wasn’t going to do this to a brand new gun, but it looked quite well built and I had to find out how it felt. As with many CO2 GBB’s, it felt great to shoot with very snappy blowback. I did notice that gas consumption is a little high. Trigger feels nice and crisp, reminiscent of the Tokoy Marui Glock platform that this appears to be based off of. I was pleased to find that it worked exactly as it should out of the box (dry fire only).

I have this firing test on video from my phone somewhere, but I have yet to find that video file (I will edit it in here when I do find it).

I dare say it… but I think I may actually be impressed with an APS product for once, especially considering how cheap it is (for here in Canada).


At the request of “Loops” – I ran a chrono test on the ACP with hop up turned off @  66 degrees F, fresh 12g CO2, Tamashi 0.20g BB, Xcortech. These were the first 10 shots:

354 – 328 – 347 – 339 – 338 – 338 – 341 – 340 – 338 – 337

Even after dumping the remaining BB’s in the magazine @ 5.6 rounds per second, the shots remained consistent (last 2 shots were 336 then 331. No audible indication of cool down.

There was still enough CO2 remaining inside the magazine to shoot out 90% fill capacity of BB’s before the gas ran out.

After 4 magazines worth of shooting on 2x 12g CO2, there’s practically no obvious wear to report. Better in this respect than WE, more similar to KJ.


30 responses to “Overview: APS ACP

  • Tim

    So overall would you say it’s better than WE?

    • juicy

      Hmmm, difficult question.

      Kick is infinitely better on the ACP due to purpose-built CO2 mechanism… but it runs only on CO2 (I myself am not a fan of having to throw in a fresh 12g capsule every mag). Gas hog on CO2, won’t even run green gas. Limited selection of models, nor is it built to even attempt to be realistic. Mine doesn’t even shoot straight – lots of fliers.

      The WE G-series looks much more like a Glock. More options of different models, including sub-compact and select fire. Green gas powered, so easier to maintain mags – but its WE so O-rings are not amazing. They occassionally do break in odd places (lemons). Shoots nice and straight out of the box.

  • AirsofterFromArkansas

    I got mine from Redwolf airsoft and there is MASSIVE cool down probs. Can’t shoot it more than 4 times before it cools so much that the gun doesn’t cycle completely. Anyone else have this problem? Any way I can fix this?

  • Pampers

    i got the “gen 2″ and it started acting funny after 9 mags.
    330-380fps variation, not loading new bb’s in the chamber and the slide keep sticking and releasing all the gas….

  • okieairsoft

    How does it compare with other CO2 pistols? Im trying to decide between this and the new We Tech ISSC M-22. Is the new CO2 mag system for the APS ACP worth it and for my last question, what are the pros and cons of the new method for the APC?

    • juicy

      APS ACP mag design is indeed superior in design… gun isn’t though. WE as good and as cheap as they can be had for in Canada are likely to suffer in the reliability department, while using CO2.

      • Pampers

        i think found the problem with my 2 APC’s i think…

        the “guide pin” on the hop up base have snapped off in both of them. this may be why i had cycling and accuracy problems i have had with it as this tiny pin ensures low hop base vs outer-barrel friction and accuracy by locking the outer barrel, inner barrel and hop up base in place for each shot…

        anyawys…. Does anyone know if the hop up base same as TM G17? it looks the same, but i don’t know…

      • juicy

        The tester ACP I have wore out its hop chamber – different spot though. APS gave me a left over TM style G17 chamber, as no original parts were on hand. I presume he knows his factory’s as well as his personal custom guns, and hence I would lean towards a yes without actually having tried it myself yet.

  • John

    Wow, remind me to never shop at your store. Opening a gun up, playing with it, firing several mags through it, and then packaging it back up to be sold as new? No thank you.

    • juicy

      I understand your concern. This is part of the QC process for new products at work – fire new guns and make sure they actually function, or else customers are stuck with a malfunctioning gun that has no returns and no warranty as import/export laws are very strict here in Canada. Not my store, not my policy, not related to this blog.

      Side note, I wouldn’t consider a field strip “opening the gun up” myself – that is part of the process done in the factory in the first place. I do have a demo ACP on loan to me from APS themselves pending a complete review here – that is the one that I’ve since completely disassembled and that has been/will be posted about, following this initial post.

  • Cj Radge

    I bought the APS lower frame and I confirm that it is 100% compatible with Tokyo Maru Glock 17. here is the picture:

  • Oliver

    How did you get the orange tip of

  • Niels van Luttikhuizen

    Is it able to use Tokyo marui glock magazines with it?

    • juicy

      While they do (sort of) fit, they do not function very well at all. By my estimate, this is because the floating valve spring is far too stiff for the lower-pressure gas.

  • Onemanarmy658

    Do you think a WE lower would fit this ?

  • FuLLeFFekT1

    The way in which the nozzle block is attached to the nozzle itself is poorly executed, two small screws that are too close together.

    • juicy

      The one I have is probably an older version, as it has a red anodized floating valve instead of the green anodized part you have. Only a single screw on the valve blocker in my possession, though the (older?) nozzle did crack in a similar manner pretty quick. I haven’t touched it it years though.

  • Jorden

    I just picked up a aps acp spider and the rubber stoppers at the fron of the slide are destroyed and at the front of the lower rails are smashed from the blowback……. Anyone else have this issue???

    • juicy

      Is this an issue? While I don’t fully understand why APS put them in in the first place, the fact that they’re getting crushed probably means they are doing something to dampen some sort of impact.

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