HSGI Costa Padded Leg Panel

The HSGI Leg Panel takes design traits from the Costa Leg Rig, but removes the sewn-on TACO’s and replaces them with 6 rows x 3 channels of MOLLE. I grabbed my HSGI Costa Padded Leg Panel from DS Tactical in New Westminster, BC. Pictured below is my HSGI Leg Panel (CB) with 2 x HSGI TACO Magazine Pouches (RG) mounted on it.


Despite how I haven’t yet shot with it, I like it thus far – I bought it since it allows me to mount what I want on it than the fixed configuration of the more expensive Costa Leg Rig. More thoughts and photos of the Leg Panel (on its own) after the break.

The configuration of MOLLE allows a great deal of versatility, although I usually don’t run drop leg subloads other than a holster every now and then if required. The 2 belt loops (and wide spacing between them) allows more stability than more-traditional 1 strap drop-leg panels.


Leg strap features very slight amount of elasticity, as well as integrated rubberized strips that keep the strap from slipping. Single leg strap configuration allows user to ride the leg panel higher.


Open mesh allows some degree of circulation – though this is pending proper field testing to confirm. Padding keeps Leg Panel comfortable and stiff, though it does add about 1/4″ with the whole package to my leg when I’m wearing it.


HSGI products are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.


As with HSGI products, ITW hardware is used. Nice clean stitching on the Leg Panel itself too.


Leg strap slips through sewn-in slot in the front of the Panel. It is not secured within the slot, so if not for the material of the leg strap itself, it could freely slip back and forth.


Hip strap isn’t actually sewn onto the Leg Panel, but rather is attached by this velcro and is secured in place under these rows of webbing. I’m not entirely sure why its just not simply sewn-on, though I suspect it may have something to do with adjusting the ride height of the Panel.


All in all, a simple and affordable drop leg panel that offers just enough MOLLE real estate and a stable platform on which to mount stuff.

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