Preview: GHK AK74

I’ve had this GBBR platform from GHK in my collection for nearly a month now – but with way too many other guns to play with, no extra mags to game with (not practical for the fields I play at) and a recently broken pistol grip, I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything else with it as of late.


Thanks to local player “Kasrkin” (pretty much the most knowledgeable local guy when it comes to the GHK AK 2011+ platform), I found out that the GHK AK-74 GBB is part of the “Plus” line-up that includes the steel outer barrel installed from the factory… Following one of the two selling at work, I figured I should pick one up for myself before the second one sold out.

Though the AK-74 is little bit more expensive because of the pre-installed steel outer barrel (about $50 to be exact – roughly the same price as a steel barrel purchased separately), I figured it was worth it considering as how I won’t have to go through the same process that “Kasrkin” did in order to punch out every single pin to upgrade his AKM’s outer barrel to a steel one. This, in my head, equaled cost savings in terms of the labour I would have to do later on any other of the non-Plus GHK AK’s, despite the fact that the other models actually appealed more to my tastes.


After talking with “Kasrkin” and doing some research on my own, this GHK should last for the winter in stock form. The sear may require replacement as “Kasrkin” has already broken his, but other than that (I already have the steel outer barrel out of the box), I’m really not worried about anything else breaking down on me. I mean, if it already shoots 180-200 ft accurately on a 0.30g BB as is, I don’t feel the urgent need to screw with its internals any further than necessary.


Magazines have to been touted to have lots of promise in terms of functioning decently in the cold. “Kasrkin” was actually shooting full-auto mag dumps out of his upgraded AKM with upgraded recoil kit and recoil spring at about 12 degree weather a few weeks ago with Propylene and no audible cool-down. That’s pretty damn impressive to me.


While “Kasrkin” did report a couple of his mags to have leaked, he did mention that they are easily fixed with readily-available sizes of O-rings.


Thanks to “Kasrkin” for sharing with me some of his practical insights from both research and field testing with his AKM. Whether he knows it or not, that one discussion we had months ago really drove the nail into the coffin for me on the GHK AK GBBR platform.

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