Princeton Tech FRED

I finally got frustrated with walking around in the dark during night games over the past 3 years at both Panther and Ambush fields, so I picked up a headlamp in preparation for Op. Iceback back in August. This resulted in my purchased from DS Tactical – my very own Princeton Tech FRED in Tan.


Batteries included – Duracell’s at that. This is a good start, especially at this price.


Controls are simple – one button does it all. Bracket can either be mounted to included head strap or locket onto 1″ webbing (MOLLE included).


Battery cap on the left – three AAA batteries. Head strap has elasticity and is adjustable (adjusts large enough to fit over a helmet), very comfortable.


Red light (2 levels). When switching through illumination modes – first click puts the dimmer setting of the red light goes on, whereas a double click will activate the brighter red light setting.


White light (2 brightness levels). White illumination settings can only be reached by pressing and holding the button, dimmest first. Depressing the button and turning it to the white settings, then quickly pushing the button again will get the brighter white light.


While debating between the FRED and the Petzl Tactikka line up, the guys from DS brought up the fact that the red illumination on the Tactikka is accomplished by a flip-down filter. The filter, though not commonly reported, is a separate part of plastic – it could break. The FRED just uses separate LEDs for the different colours; 4 diodes- 1 red, and 3 white.






IMG1302 IMG1303

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