News: Ace1 SAI Style Parts for WE M&P

Ace1 Arms from Taiwan is at it again, but for the WE M&P this time – Salient Arms International style slide sets and SAI flat-faced trigger groups are coming soon. News comes from Ace1’s Facebook page, where preview photos and videos of an installed slide set and trigger on a WE M&P have been released. CRW Airsoft from Hong Kong has the Ace1 SAI parts sets for WE M&P available for pre-order (estimated availability in early December).

Slide sets come in either black slide/gold barrel or FDE slide/black barrel (do note that Ace1 themselves have not announced a FDE slide set as far as I’m aware – this info comes from CRW’s online pre-order). Set includes fibre optic sights. Its good to see that the WE M&P platform is getting some aftermarket love – its still the only GBB M&P replica on the market to date, and the M&P is a slick looking pistol.

Looking good… At the very least, this (pre-production test video from Ace1) shows that it does indeed function. I’m curious about the weight of the slide in comparison to the stock slide.

Man… I want that trigger. On first glance it looks like it may eliminate a bit of that long, sloppy travel of the trigger – here’s hoping that it does. The lengthy pretravel on mine annoys me greatly.

Photos up on CRW’s website are the same as the ones Ace1 released. However, CRW just put up content on YouTube explaining a bit more about the slide sets.

I did notice some wear on the top of the outer barrel. I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen photos of a locally tuned race gun with what appears to be a Ace1 Slide Set for TM Glock with dot sight, so I’m going to try to stop by that guy’s shop and take a look at the finish quality (and might as well check out the fit while I’m at it) before I go ahead with the slide set. The Ace1 slide set is simply not cheap enough for me to just order it for the sake of trying it out, especially considering how I’ve previously acquired one of the full trademarks slides from WE and already am loving it as is.

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