HSGI Customer Service

This conversation via email with Andrew, a sales rep from HSGI has left me very impressed with their customer service and warranty policy with prompt, straightforward responses.
I’ve copied email messages sent back and forth between myself and Andrew from HSGI down below after the break. Some messages were edited for brevity or removed to protect personal information.
Hello there,
I recently broke one of my TACO pouches. Will this be covered by warranty (please refer to attached photo)?

Yes it will be covered by the life time warranty, and also an upgrade will be done to the bracket.

Thank you and have a great day.


Thanks Andrew. I am located in Canada – I would just like to confirm that this is still covered?

I will mail the TACO to HSGI Warranty Claims, 105 Seth Thomas Lane, Suite 5, Swansboro, North Carolina 28584, with shipping pre-paid and insured.


We will do one better since it is expensive to ship we will send you a new one but I see the one you have is KH and we no longer make that color anymore. If you would like and another color we can send that out today.

Thank you and have a great day.

Hi Andrew,
Wow, okay – that makes me happy to hear that; I’m even more impressed with HSGI’s customer service now. Thanks!
If I remember correct, Khaki was have phased out for Coyote, right? I recall purchasing one in CB a while back from my local retailer after the KH were gone. If so, CB it is.

Thanks again.

Awesome! Well I’ll just need your address and ill mail this out today.

 Thank you and have a great day.

High Speed Gear shipped out my replacement TACO pouch an hour later. Many thanks to Andrew from HSGI.

The following is the email address I contacted HSGI with: sales@highspeedgear.com.

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