Mil Done Right #16 – TFV Purvins’ MARSOC CQBR

Fully sick!

The Reptile House

 photo 20131123_0011_zpsae80880a.jpg

My overriding impression of Sweden is one of things being done properly. Properly planned, properly thought through and properly implemented.

So, it’s no surprise that a good proportion of blasters in the blog’s Mil Done Right series have been carefully built by Swedish owners. Not only that, but Swedish teams are amongst the finest impressionistas in the world. They don’t just focus on kit, most make sure their blasters are (a) PTWs and (b) obsessively crafted. Win/win.

I’ve wanted to cover TF Valkyrie for quite some time. As a team they have been inspirational and, in particular, their trade mark 416 conversions were one of the catalysts in my own 416-lust. As some may know, it was Purvins who painstakingly converted GBB uppers to get the team’s look. Back then, conversion was the only method of obtaining a 416 upper for a PTW, well before 416 kits were commercially available.

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