PAC – Nov 24, 2013

Featuring “Kampfer,” “Mouse,” and “Yammo” as my squad mates, the 4 of us dominated the field during the “BF4” Panther Airsoft Scenario. Objectives for this rotation as team China included protecting 4 hostages, moving the hostages from location to location, and destroying a predesignated boat. Destruction of the boat would gain us a significant number of points that would set us well ahead of any of the other teams should we accomplish that, so that’s what our squad set out to do.

Throughout the day, each team rotated through each set of objectives as one of the 3 sides of the battle. Each game was supposed to go 90 minutes, but that didn’t exactly happen – though I didn’t mind. We still kicked butt.

I’m not going to claim that Chris from Panther knows how to run the best Airsoft games around – rather, the past 2 scenario games he’s run have just been paintball scenarios but with Airsoft guns instead – but I still had fun.

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