APS ACP – Winter Firing Test

Shot this over the weekend. I will eventually condense all my findings: preliminary overview, field testing, opening it up, upgrading/parts compatibility, long term durability, etc. However, I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Testing APS Action Combat Pistol (“ACP”) CO2 GBB in 2 degree Celsius temperature. In summary: I did not get full magazine worth of BB’s out with the CO2. Gun surprisingly produced an inconsistent grouping, despite being a Marui clone; though this is hard to see in this video.

Despite being CO2 powered, previous tests done in a warmer indoor environment showed a different ACP (same model and everything though) to be a bit of a gas hog as compared to other CO2 powered GBB models from other brands – 1.5-2.5 magazines worth of BB’s on a single 12g CO2.

The APS ACP on first glance appears to be a Tokyo Marui clone, including the hop up chamber design. There are some changes featuring reinforced materials or design on the inside of the gun to allow it to function reliably on the increased pressure of CO2.

Note that this gun was the store display from the APS Canada retail shop, lent to me for long term review purposes – thanks to Michael over at APS Canada. I will be disassembling this ACP to see what’s going on the inside – perhaps a dirty barrel or torn bucking is to blame, as I just shot the gun as is packed up right from their display.

I’m not going to jump to conclusions that this gun is “bad” just yet, because I really was intially quite impressed with some of the smaller details and thought that has gone into them on this gun.

2 responses to “APS ACP – Winter Firing Test

  • Rusty Knight

    Hello dude thanks for your reviews. As an g17 user (i have marui and we g17s) i really interested in that pistol. But i want to ask; is that co2 mags fits to TM g17s? In here, winter is very cold and i am looking for a good CO2 mag for my marui (not for normal times only winter) if you can make a mag comparasion between Acp, marui and we it would be veeery helpful.

    • juicy

      Honestly, I’m not a Glock fan – but I’ve somehow ended up with a bag full of various GBB Glocks and mags and parts.

      Will the APS magazine fit inside a WE or Marui? No – not with the baseplate (as is) attached. Without the baseplate, the ACP magazines have no issue fitting into Marui (or Guarder) or a WE (Gen3 or Gen4) lowers.

      Will they function? Possibly – but for how long is a different story. I can tell you that the output on the ACP mags definitely “feels,” “sounds” & chronographs higher than using a WE magazine through my test ACP. Enough so that I wouldn’t want to try shooting one through a stock Marui (they tend to crack parts enough on Green Gas/Propane).

      On that note, the WE magazines have a higher output on the same gas than Marui magazines.

      That being said, I’m not a fan of higher output valves for cold weather set ups. Let it be known that I support the usage of CO2 in cold weather set ups even less. I’ve seen tests (as scientific as airsoft tests get) that show that CO2 has a higher rate of cool down than the more standard airsoft gases – sure, it starts off at a higher pressure, but what good is a GBB that doesn’t actually cycle.

      On the note of cold weather GBB performance, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in the T&E of a package of modifications that does in fact improve cold weather performance in GBB without the use of CO2. I can say that, in my experience, this is ultimately performing as a better solution than CO2.

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