First Glance: WE MSK

A neat GBBR was unpacked at work today – the WE ACR… erm, I mean “MSK” (limited edition with markings)!

In summary – feels nice, looks nice. Remington-style handguard is awesome and is sort-of compatible with PTS Masada – would only require shimming, but still do want. Hop up chamber and design looks to be exactly the same as the 2-piece unit from the WE M4 Open Bolt/Open Chamber design. Selector switch very tight and thus hard to manipulate. Redesigned trigger group from M4/SCAR/PDW unit. Included reproduction of CR123A battery storage grip core out of the box, a nice touch. Pistol grip feels wider than it should be – its even wider than the PTS Masada one. Stock doesn’t extend automatically when you pull back on it, unlike PTS Masada series – I prefer it this way. Recoil spring feels very light. PMAG-style polymer magazine is just V2 WE Open Bolt/Open Chamber magazine innards, and externals are compatible with PTS PMAG baseplates (with the exception that the hole for fill valve doesn’t line up quite right with Masada AKM magazines) – thus would be compatible with PMAG Ranger Plates.


380 FPS on 0.20g BB and Puff Dino Green Gas; fired inside unheated warehouse, outside temperature about 0 degrees Celcius today and as low as -6 last night. Functions pretty well with relatively low cool down even in cold temperatures, partly due to light weight recoil spring and possibly due to thermal properties of polymer outer magazine shell. Minor cycling issues especially noticeable on full-auto, choppy fire rate – possibly due to rough edges from flashing on both bolt carrier and hammer.

More pictures snapped at work after the break.

IMG2563 IMG2527IMG2584 IMG2583 IMG2582 IMG2580 IMG2575 IMG2573 IMG2568 IMG2564

IMG2552 IMG2562 IMG2560 IMG2558 IMG2557 IMG2548 IMG2545 IMG2544 IMG2543 IMG2540 IMG2536 IMG2534 IMG2589

Final picture here depicting what is inside the box (manual and pre-cut foam not pictured).

I don’t think I will pick a MSK up for myself as I’m honestly not just that into the ACR concept in terms of the real steel. Still, it was very neat to get to see, hold and compare a WE MSK myself, especially after comparing a real Bushmaster ACR to the PTS Masada back in July.

I’m definitely interested in acquiring the MSK rail & rail sections for my Magpul PTS Masada, as well as the MSK magazines for my WE M4A1 OB. Time to send off a special order to WE through work!


3 responses to “First Glance: WE MSK

  • Michael

    I was wandering around on web for weeks, and finaly, I found this one. I have questions regarding WE MSK (GBB): I wonder, if PTS Magpul Masada handguard can fit on WE MSK. Also, do you have any suggestion about rail section, can I use different rail section, since It’s ‘hard’ to contact WE-Tech to order more rail sections for my MSK. Last, what about buttstock? Is there adapter (maybe like SCAR buttstock adapter), so that I can use like M4 buttstock?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • juicy

      WE produces a plastic handguard for their MSK like the Magpul/Bushmaster design. This is definitely out there available for purchase separately. The handguards are a near (but not exact) fit between WE MSK & PTS Masada – some light fitting may be required to install a PTS Masada handguard on WE MSK.

      I am not sure where you could find additional rail sections. Perhaps the WE M4 “Raptor” rail sections fit? I know that you can purchase the Raptor Front Set from some online stores in Hong Kong.

      WE did release a version of MSK (GBB & AEG) with a telescopic stock adaptor installed – however, I have not seen this listed before on any of the sites that I commonly shop.

  • Michael

    Nice info about that Raptor set 🙂 thanks so much. I do hope that there is more option on customizing MSK handguard (not just MOE handguard), like SCAR PWS SRX Rail. I’m new in airsoft, but now at least now I knew why some airsofter didn’t pick MSK/ACR/Masada model, looks like it’s too few choice on customizing it, not like AR/Carbine model…

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