HVT Extraction – Dec 1, 2013

Footage captured during the scenario day run by Airsoft Gear’s Julian (or “Optix”) at Panther Paintball in Surrey, BC on December 1, 2013.

Game revolved around Julian as an armed, hostile HVT – 2 opposing teams to find, capture and extract the HVT to a secret location. HVT was on a separate, open radio channel from the teams and would freely announce his current location on the field when prompted by either team.

Part 1: locating and securing HVT

Part 2: forming a Plan B and extracting HVT

Well worth it. Its about time that someone started running objective based games rather than the run and gun style of game days that everyone has been running throughout the Lower Mainland area of BC over the past 2 years… this was the most fun I’ve had actually playing the game of Airsoft in over a year. This was really just a simple scenario underneath it all, but the logistics were handled well and the players (at least, those on my team) all had the same objective-based mindset.

After this game, I’m actually looking forward to going to go play this coming weekend… for the first time in many, many months.

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