CM SRS Reflex Sight

I went on a bit of an Airsoft accessory buying spree recently – this is one of the notable items I picked up after taking a look at the one that my friend TJ has got.


Review with more pictures of the ACM SRS (hurray for China-made clones!) and some of my thoughts is after the break.

This version (China-made replica of the Trijicon SRS02 SRS Reflex Sight) with QD lever featured markings everywhere – I figured the markings would look nice on my WE M4 GBB since I have markings on everything else. The “property of Trijicon” seemed a little out of place though – I don’t remember seeing that one on a real one I shot with months ago.

I preferred to go with the quick-release lever (SRS02) over the thumbscrews (SRS), despite the possible fitment issues that have occured with many a previous QD systems that I have tried for Airsoft. Considering how the WE rails are slightly skinnier than many of the other rails I’ve seen, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the CM SRS locked on there quite nicely.


A replica of the more recently released Trijicon SRS, this red dot sight is a fairly large contract in comparison to the regular ACM repro T1 that I’m much more accustomed to. I do very much like the fact that this seems to be snag free – something that Trijicon were going for when they designed the real one.

Brightness adjustments are done via the left (+) and right (-) soft keys.

Windage and elevation adjustments are accomplished with a hex wrench, and it does click.


Unfortunately, the huge solar panel on the top does not appear to be functional. On the real Trijicon, this would be the primary source of power for the SRS (the battery is only there to assist the solar cell) – resulting in a stupidly long battery life. In this China-made clone, I’m not sure how long the battery life is – but going on the assumption that the solar cell is in fact a dummy, I’m not holding my breath about years worth of battery life here.


One of the big selling points about the SRS’s integrated mount is that it is a self tensioning system – something that I had noticed was actually functional.


The QD lever is secure and intuitive to use:


First, release the lock (this keeps the lever in place, preventing it from prematurely dismounting).


Second, release the lever (this releases the SRS from your rail).


As per TJ’s advice, I picked up a kill flash to (a) protect the huge lens from any potential BB impacts, and (b) reduce any glare coming off of the huge lens that would make it an ideal target on the field to begin with. Yeah, it was cheap – it looks cheap too; there are already some minor dents and other marks out of the package.


Powering on the SRS clone with a single AA yields a small, crisp red dot. Very nice. No parrallax error from what I can tell thus far. Minor distortion on mine in the top right corner, though nothing that would make this unusable – especially considering the sheer size of the sight.


Despite being absolutely massive as compared to what I’m more accustomed to looking through, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually get much less tunnel vision with this design – something that’s actually been bothering me quite a bit with a couple of the magnified optics I’ve been fooling around with lately.

Pictured here is the dot sight powered off to illustrate the height of the sight in relation to AR flat top sights.


I picked this one up during ShooterCBGear’s Christmas season sale – it was just too cheap not to try one out for myself (~$50 USD before shipping/duties).


4 responses to “CM SRS Reflex Sight

  • Gunny

    so would you recommend this sight? i picked one up a while back for 80 bucks from Airsoft store canada.

    not sure if its the same one you just reviewed but i found that the sight had horrible adjustment range, its vertical elevation was good but its windage adjustment was very bad. i would be able to adjust the sight to the right but not past the half way point to the left. i was very dissapointed in the sight so i returned it for a refund. i am in love with this sight and want another one.

    • juicy

      I haven’t fielded mine yet – but I have adjusted it to match my irons (which are already dialed in) and it did make it there fine… though the windage adjustments actually weren’t on a true flat plane, the dot went a little higher if to the right and a little lower if to the left if I recall correctly. That being said, doing windage first, then adjusting elevation worked fine for mine.

      It should be the same one that I’ve got, or at least from the same factory – all the markings versions I’ve seen photos of on various retailers websites are all exactly the same, leading me to believe that they all come from the same batch and/or same factory. If that is indeed the case, maybe you just got a lemon? As you know, “Gunny,” ACM products have very, very high defect rates – I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for the one you got as well. I’ve heard that Steve from is he’s a good guy about these things in the sense that he actually stands behind the products he carries.

  • Mike

    Just picked one up on line (SRS) to try. Mounted it on the AR15 flat rail and it was loose as a goose. Disappointing, to much time sending back and forth. Is there a quick fix for this loose quick release system.

    • juicy

      It is a repro made in China… expect “quality control” to be non-existent. This is unfortunately the risk we run for buying not-real (believe me, I wish it wasn’t so).

      I’ve heard of people buying real Trijicon or Bobro mount bases to mount repro SRS’s to – but I personally don’t understand why someone would pay more on the mount than the made-in-China sight is worth in the first place.

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