WE Nozzles: F226, F228, MK25

I just found out that they’re actually the same thing, after taking a chance and ordering a WE F226 nozzle for my F228.

Bigger size of the nozzle means (amoung other things) better performance in the cold. Diameter of nozzle is same as WE M&P, WE F226/F228/F229 and apparently the XDM series – all of which have reports of working quite well in cold temperatures. This also means that the WE F226, F228 and F229 are not compatible with Tokyo Marui or KJW P226 nozzles – which unfortunately limits me to WE replacement nozzles only.


This new nozzle, as well as my old one, fits and functions with the FE piston head for XDM, M&P, F226/F229.


As compared to my old and broken loading nozzle, the material appears to be the newest nylon material. This came from probably many, many suggestions of, “fix your damn crappy plastic material already” (one of which was recently sent from work to WE), resulting in a definite improvement over the old ABS.

The loading BB pick up “finger” protrusion thing near the nozzle tip looks a little bit beefier to me. That’s a good thing since my finger broke off recently, rendering my F228 useless.

On the down side, this makes the WE – erm, sorry – “HK3P” MK25’s that recently arrived at work with the full trades much, much more tempting…



Edit: WE P226 railed frame (P226R, MK25 for sure, but didn’t verify with P229) does not fit in real holsters.


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