Dream Army RAS

As I’ve had a long term love affair with the SOPMOD kit, I was needing another repro KAC RAS to complete my King Arms M4A1 AEG a couple of months ago. I most definitely prefer the RAS due to its more solid mounting process than that of the RIS. I’ve used a couple of Classic Army replicas of the RAS unit, but the three that I’ve been recycling parts from have finally all crapped out on me – though not particularly high quality, to spec, or looking astounding, I had access to these for the past couple of years as hand-me-downs. Ultimately, this has led me to the Dream Army RAS; cheap, yet surprisingly decent for the price.


Note: the Dream Army in the pictures is the one that is not yet installed. The Classic Army finish is much more shiny after years of use.

Quick note on repro KAC RAS: if your locking piece thing (not sure of the actual technical term here) is not steel, this part can fail if the bolt is really torqued into it; thread locker can be your friend. Though the Dream Army’s part is not steel – or at least from what I can tell with AEG motors and trying to see if they will stick to the tiniest corner of this piece – its been holding up fine for the months and months that I’ve been using it, much better than the Classic Army in this regard already.


Fit and finish is quite nice on a King Arms M4A1 AEG – slightly shorter in length that would be desireable to completely fill the space between the barrel nut lugs and handguard cap, but this is fairly standard to most RIS and RAS airsoft clones I’ve seen to this date.


True to the real deal, this spring adds solidity and stability to the upper half of the rail when properly installed. Nice touch, especially at this price point.


I’ve pictured it here in comparison to the Classic Army replica of the KAC RAS. The difference in glossiness is quite apparent in this photo. Both rails are numbered.


Inside the lower half of the rail system, both the Dream Army and Classic Army have heat shields. The Classic Army does have the marking of an arrow and the text “FORWARD” inside, like the real deal.


Slight bit of wobble in lower half of the Dream Army RAS, but its still a better fit than the Classic Army RAS in my King Arms. Its not like the slight wobble isn’t the case on the real rail either, so this is definitely more than fine for my purposes.


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