Picked this little guy up from Ebay. Surplus BUIS, so it arrived dirty and cheap, yet still functional – good enough for me.


Folding design – flips down and stows out of the way, yet spring loaded to quickly snap up and into place when needed. Not terribly fancy, but works just fine.


Folds nice and flat. Note that the left side of the sight may ride pretty close to your optic – I’ve had no issues with anything I own but its a very tight fit on a mounted scope in an offset mount.


Attachment requires hex key. Thread lock will work wonders here.


Adjustments for elevation – 200M, 300M, 400M, 450M, 500M, 600M. I’ve read that this knob can get bumped out of position every once in a while.


Adjustment knob and indicators for windage.


Honestly, I didn’t do a ton of reading on this sight before buying it; I’ve seen them in pictures of various US Mil carbines and they just looked pretty cool to me. After reading a sentence from another blogger (Reptile House) saying that he got his for a great price from the States on Ebay, I decided to give it a go – and lo and behold they were really easy to find for really cheap. I haven’t even dialed this in, let alone shot with it yet… but this one is pretty much just sitting pretty on one of my guns for the time being.



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