Second Glance: WE MSK

Took the WE MSK apart at work when it first arrived nearly a month ago – forgot to post these until now.


IMG2631 IMG2630

Next 3 pictures show (non-reciprocating) charging handle operation:

IMG2629 IMG2628 IMG2627

Barrel length in MSK is slightly longer than WE M4A1, even though hop up chamber is identical. This particular one’s barrel was coated in some sort of black stuff – we already sent off a picture and note about this back to James @ WE.


Detailed photos depicting size of bolt stop face – should hold up fine based upon sheer size in comparison to the WE M4 (my WE M4 open bolt converted bolt stop has worn out countless times now).

IMG2617 IMG2616 IMG2600

Comparison of screw pattern for WE MSK butt pad (left) and PTS Masada folding stock butt pad (right).


No rubber plug on storage compartment in WE MSK folding stock storage compartment, unlike PTS Masada stock.


PTS charging handle in WE MSK. Not as precise of a fit as the original WE part, but it does click into place, and function exactly as it should.

IMG2623 IMG2622


17 responses to “Second Glance: WE MSK

  • Renzo Reyes

    Do their stocks are compatible with each other? Like does the magpul acr stock fits the WE MSK stock? and are their colors compatible with each other?

  • Rose Bingham

    Can the MSK use the rail system made for the PTS Masada?

    • juicy

      Not without modification.

      • Rose Bingham

        What kind of modification? I’m looking into doing this and I’d appreciate some advice with it.

      • juicy

        Sure – but first, modification for doing what?

      • Rose Bingham

        Putting a PTS Masada rail system on the MSK.

      • juicy

        Need some sort of spacer for the front alignment of bolts in rail to fit more precisely in grooves in receiver. If I were to do it myself, I would have a machinist fab a threaded collar (like a nut) to thread onto the WE MSK rail’s bolts with a precisely measured outer diameter to fit the PTS receiver.

      • Rose Bingham

        Do you think I’d be able to get it on there properly without a machinist’s help? I understand what you’re saying but I don’t exactly have that option available to me.

      • juicy

        If I had no access to a machinist, I myself would dig through my various parts bins to see if I could find something that would fit. Dremel to shave down an oversized spacer would work as well. I wouldn’t use O-rings to take up the extra wiggle room myself, as some guys have mentioned on the PTS Masada group on Facebook, as even if they are the perfect fit they do have a tiny bit of give to them and thus wouldn’t mount quite as solidly (albeit they wont put metal on metal wear onto your PTS receiver either). However, if your options are limited, this O-ring method may very well be the simplest way to go.

      • Rose Bingham

        Alright that helps a lot. That’s actually what I was thinking I’d end up doing. I just needed some confirmation. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

      • juicy

        Glad I could help, despite not having actually done it myself. The Remington style handguard does look pretty sick on the WE MSK, I do have to admit. If you want to attach stuff onto there, I highly suggest you order the appropriate parts as well (separate part numbers from WE, last I checked).

      • Rose Bingham

        What “appropriate parts” are you referring to? Rail pieces? I’m sorry I just don’t know what you’re referring to. Your comment was kind of vague.

        I’d like the Remington style handguard if I could put full length rails on it. I’m not really a big fan of the modular stuff that’s been coming out lately and I just want a rail system that already has the rails built in.

      • juicy

        Yes, rail sections and bolts. Not sure if they would come from WE as a set or not.

        Uh, to be the devil’s advocate here – if you’re looking for a handguard with full length rails, why not just get the PTS rail? Generally, my understanding of a slick rail is that you only attach rail sections where you need them. Less parts to be sourced and modification required, as well.

      • Rose Bingham

        Well that’s what I planned on doing but I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if it would fit or not. Where would I go about buying the rail sections though? I was going to look into that because it would’ve been a much cheaper option to buy those instead of the PTS Masada rail. I’m not exactly full of money and the PTS Masada rail isn’t in stock anywhere but eHobby at the moment. Well at least the black ones aren’t in stock any where.

      • juicy

        It definitely sounds to me like the PTS rail is the simpler solution that would provide you what you want… though at a higher price point – but let’s be honest here, the PTS Masada isn’t exactly a low end gun (especially if you go all out on the PTS parts and accessories, which also happens to be the charm of the PTS Masada line).

        With the shut down of production of Magpul-licensed products by PTS, it is likely that the black PTS rails are becoming increasingly difficult to find from retailers.

        I myself have access to the WE factory through my job – but without that kind of connection, it can be really difficult to source factory parts if they aren’t listed by WE dealers (prior experiences taught me this, lol). I would think that the MSK rail sections may very well be one of those parts that may prove difficult to source – if I were you, I would look into finding those rail sections, before ordering a MSK handguard.

        In the end, its ultimately up to you.

      • Rose Bingham

        I think I’ll just look into buying the PTS Masada rail as soon as I can. I can imagine them disappearing altogether in the near future so I’m sure it would be a good investment vs the MSK rails. I appreciate all your help, guy. Thanks a lot.

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