WE SMG-8 x MP7

Monda International (WE wholesale distributor) just released photos of the SMG-8 converted to a more MP7 looking body (or what they will probably refer to as a lookalike of said MP7, as per licensing reasons) on Facebook.

1:1 full-size. Apparently taking pre-orders from their dealers now – will try to get my hands on one through work then.

As to my opinion – I’ve seen way too many VFC GBB fail due to a myriad of reasons, so with the upcoming release of VFC’s MP7 GBB, I am actually leaning more towards the WE as a more suitable field gun. Monda themselves have remarked that since the VFC MP7 has not yet come out, there is no comparison to be made as of yet – I would think that they’re aiming to release their version before VFC does.


Tell me your thoughts

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