Why Play Airsoft?

I’ve been struggling to find any reasons to want to go play the game days that are happening around my area lately.

I mean, I started playing Airsoft in the first place to get that Mil-Sim experience that is quite literally military simulation – both it be pretending to be a special forces door kicking Tier 1 operator as well as being sent out there on grunt patrols. I’m finding that over the past few years (and notably over the past few years), the games being run tend towards the Call of Duty video game style of game play that is just purely about the run-and-gun aspect of getting kills. There are no objectives that are worth mentioning, nor are there any game mechanics that even hint at any degree of scenario.

Its hard to find interest in your sport when your sport just isn’t offering something that is interesting to you.

Here’s hoping that I can find reason(s) to stay interested, as this has been my work and my play (read: my life) for the past couple of years.

A couple years back, when this trend was just starting out with the large influx of new players joining the Airsoft community, at the very least there were experienced players that I found myself fighting alongside and against – this offered something to strive for and a challenge, irregardless of any simulation aspect found on the field. Now, I don’t mean this personally to the new players on the local fields nowadays – but you guys suck at playing Airsoft (generally speaking). I’m finding that the newbies around today are less prone to learning how to maneuver through a gunfight to close the engagement distances that can get confirmed kills, nor are they learning how to tactically fall back and break contact.

There are little to no tactics in sitting in one spot and firing until you either run out of ammo or get shot, and this is the one strategy I see being repeatedly utilized on the field day in and day out. I mean, without any degree of large bombs landing on your enemy after you take contact and you radio in for fire support, there’s really no reason to sit there in harm’s way if you can’t kill the guy shooting at you – I would even be happy if the players I find myself engaging nowadays on the field turned tail and tried to run, since at the very least this would give me something to chase.

But, no – there’s no challenge.

So with no Mil-Sim aspect and no challenge, where does this leave me? I’ve got not much interest in Airsoft at the moment, as many of my good friends found through the game have gotten so burned out from the politics or working without pay for someone else who was making money, that the monotonous game has taken its toll on them and I’ve seen them less and less playing the way we used to when it was just a game and there was someone or something worth fighting for on the field. At least back then, my buddies gave me the opportunity to shoot the shit while on the field – that alone was a decent enough reason to keep showing up week after week.

Myself, I’ve been around the block long enough to have been through the inter- and intra-club disputes (back when Airsoft clubs here were still the big thing) – I’m tired of that. I’ve worked for practically no monetary compensation (actually, the majority of the time I worked for nothing at all) and absolutely no acknowledgement or appreciation of my efforts, especially while initially working in a business that became the largest host of Airsoft games in my area. My current job is in the same industry of retail sales, but I’m so tired of running public games that I can’t stand to even consider running those any more; nor does it help that I am getting increasingly frustrated with the increasingly arrogant and entitled customer base coming in lately.

Believe me, I’ve tried to be the agent of change already.

I’ve talked with one of the biggest local game organizers to try to get him on board with the running the games he’s always said he wants to run – but on the flip side, every time he wants to run one (I know him very well), he changes his mind and decides to change the game to make it as welcoming as possible to the lowest skilled player that has signed up. If this is the best game writer we’ve got left, this doesn’t add up to much of a game when there’s a scenario (let alone anything more than that) when there’s one coming up.

This leaves me with one of the final option if I want to still find a reason to keep playing my sport and my hobby – at least, one that I can come up with that seems somewhat reasonable.

Since quitting isn’t an option and I can’t play Airsoft by myself, it has become apparent to me that someone (me) needs to start an invite-only Mil-Sim-minded club in order to give this small yet distinct group of players something to look forward to every week, as the vast majority of us are the experienced backbone that make up the local Airsoft community. Jasper “Kampfer” took it upon himself to try to get the ball rolling on this one last weekend with an impromptu scenario within a regular run-and-gun game for those that were supposed to be the select few special forces. Apparently it was quite successful… but unfortunately I didn’t get to take part in any of it after being elected CO of what turned out to be the whole team (I was concerned that the main part of the team wouldn’t be able to get their basic job done of taking various FOB on the way to the enemy base… which as it turns out, I was correct in assuming – same old shit). The most interesting part about this whole ordeal is that this is an idea reminiscent of (though achieved independently) Invite-Only Airsoft that was recently featured on The Reptile House Blog.

At least I have this new project to look forward to for the time being.

7 responses to “Why Play Airsoft?

  • Handsomehank

    I know that at LMAG you can submit milsim ideas, so that would be worth a try. And also there are three teams emerging there so it would be a challenge to bring your friends to play.

    • juicy

      Been there, done that. Spent years running games within Op-For Club as a marshall and an admin prior to LMAG and not looking to get back into that shitshow.

  • Batman

    Amen, brother. I get it and took time off due to the increased inter club bullshit and the run and gun that airsoft was becoming. I actually have a forum dedicated to milsims and scenarios of old that were successful not only here but across Canada. I kept them all in the chance something ever started up again. they ranged from 2 – 3 hour scenarios to more complex 12 – 24 hour milsims that included a cloak and dagger “pre” milsim approach that would help lay out the milsim days and weeks prior to the game happening.
    I wish for those days of old. The first ever milsim/scenario that ever happened in the lower mainland at night never even had a shot fired in it. the specops team were able to sneak into the tire fort undetected and lay the timer. there were over 40 that day and 6 guys on the specops team.

    kudos to you for bringing this up. lets hope the days of challenging milsims return


    • juicy

      Great to hear your thoughts. Here’s hoping that we (newer players, at least compared to guys like you) get to once again experience how those scenarios used to be played.

      You’ve got a forum dedicated to this stuff?

  • Batman

    yes, its hidden and a few of us old timers still sometimes go in and update with ideas or improvements. it would be nice to get the like minded people together and play a really good and challenging proper milsim.

    anyways, i enjoy reading your blog. keep up the good work!!


  • grimproteusverum

    As a US player; I can’t say “there aren’t any milsim games worth going to!”; but I can say that regardless of the venue type (speedball, attempted milsim, etc) the playerbase in my area seems to be stuck predominantly in Cod\Run & Gun mode. I realize I’m just in essence parroting what’s already been said; but it’s worth reaffirming that it does get extremely taxing (read: pissing money & time away) seeing the same behavior on & off the field day after day. Meanwhile the advocates of variety or “strategery” are not-so-politely shown the door or the corner with the dunce cap.
    At the risk of being both a hypocrite & going on a tangent; it seems that the current crop of players are either more concerned with having more P* fusion engines than the next guy; or reenacting a 360 no-scope montage in CoD MCMXVII *shudder & retch*. If that’s the direction that popular airsoft is heading…So be it; who am I to say “No, this isn’t what I want!”. That said, it’s painful to lose a hobby or community before it’s even partially developed, especially to a new or returning player like me.
    That said, excellent blog! I’m glad I found it and have been reading the entries for close to 3 hours; many thanks for all the effort & time you’ve spent doing this!

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