Update #1: GHK AK74

I’ve recently received a variety of both “real steel” and Airsoft parts to begin the westernization process on my (relatively) new GHK AK74 GBB. This is just a little teaser for the time being – I’ll do short overviews on the individual components after I’ve had a chance to apply threadlocker and torque everything down properly.


In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out a furniture scheme to go with here – all black or a mixture of a more tactical palette? Following the destruction of the stock GHK pistol grip in a week, I haven’t really bothered to get this gun up and running while I’ve been paying it off at work and the weather has been borderline too cold for any GBB.


My AK74 magazines should arrive sometime tomorrow – though I unfortunately wasn’t able to secure a set of black magazines for myself and am now going to have to paint all of them as GHK’s crappy orange ABS attempt at a Bakelite finish is just hard on my eyes. A solid covering of Krylon Camouflage Brown, OD or Black are the options I’m pretty much settled on… but for the time being, I will start with the typical black as a base coat and then see how everything looks when its all in one piece.

Internals will remain stock for the time being – I was pleasantly surprised with this gun’s raw performance when I took it out to the field for a quick test drive before buying it. Consistency and flat range of the BB flight path was really something else that I haven’t yet experienced in a stock GBB, and in fact actually met and exceeded my minimum expectations for an AEG that I would game with on the field.


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