Element GFG Mod 0

This one was so cheap that I just had to order it to see if it was a decent enough spare to have kicking around for my beloved BCM Gunfighters Grip (Mod 0) in FDE. Seeing as how most Element stuff can be a mixed bag, this Element EX349 grip was actually (and surprisingly) a decent, cheap clone of the real deal.

As an almost exact clone, the price one of these Element grips can be found for gets the same aesthetic and feel as the BCM Grip. After all, that forward grip angle is probably the reason why most people would buy this grip, so its definitely good enough for what I would imagine most GBB users would need out there (that being said, I’m sticking with my real one).


Textures feel similar – though plastic had more flashing around the inside corners. Plastic did look slightly different, though its hard to tell the difference between two different coloured products for me – I wouldn’t be surprised if Element just used a cheaper ABS rather than the polymer found in the BCM. External finish, dimensions, grip bolt & safety selector detent hole pattern, and hole sizing appear identical on first glance. I did notice however that the trap door locking mechanism was a little bit looser than the BCM original… but the hinge fitment was just as tight so even if the door happened to release, it wouldn’t swing open unless something of mass was rattling around in there. Fitment on a WE GBBR was just like the real BCM – perfect. No BCM marking on the lowest corner of the left side of the grip. No mounting bolt included. I’m not sure if insert for covering trigger guard gap is exact fit or not with the real BCM one – I can’t find either spare chip at the moment. Only available in black.


Personally, having that real part on my WE M4 adds that extra touch of realism. There’s also the peace of mind in that the grip was designed to reliably function on a real gun (much more recoil and potentially much more abuse) – spec’ed way beyond the usage I will probably ever put through my WE.


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