Hephaestus Stock Adaptor for GHK AK

A reproduction of the VLTOR AK Stock Adaptor design, the Hephaestus Stock Adaptor provides a slightly cheaper reproduction of the real product with some small differences. This is especially good for me, since its easier to import the Hephaestus part for Airsoft than the “real steel” VLTOR part here in Canada (AK is prohibited by firearms law).


One of the reasons why I went with the GHK AK74 GBBR platform in the end was the compatibility with “real steel” furniture, as well as most LCT/VFC parts (LCT external parts are used by GHK on these AK’s) – this gives me the option to install a variety of stocks and stock adaptors to replace the AK74 wood one that I just wasn’t a fan of. I find that with Airsoft guns a full stock is generally a tiny bit too long for me (namely the “NATO” AK stock length). There are slightly shorter stock options for AK (“Warsaw”) out there, but since I wanted to build something a little different, I decided to go with something that would allow for some westernization of the platform.

  • Fits just right. Exactly as it should… Hephaestus does name this item as being made for the GHK AK platform after all. (Note that this will fit AKM, AIMS, AK74 – it will not fit other folding stock designs due to differences in the stock tang. I did my research before buying!)
  • Minor gap between lower front corner of stock adaptor and receiver though… but its less than a millimeter; its so miniscule that it doesn’t bug me in any way (VLTOR includes shims with the real Stock Adaptor, in order to fix this largely aesthetic issue with some off-spec receivers, from what I understand).
  • Aesthetically identical in design (less markings, from what I can see in pictures), including water-tight storage compartment inside the tube.
  • Mil-Spec tube – fits variety of both Airsoft and real steel stocks that are Mil-Spec in size – or in terms of the repro stocks, as close to it as they get. I was hoping that this would be the case, since buying the real VLTOR Stock Adaptor, which is clearly advertised as Mil-Spec in size, would have only cost me about $30 CAD more (finding one in Canada, however, is a different story) – very happy with my purchase because of this!


Installation is a breeze (also very similar to the real VLTOR product, without the shims that VLTOR includes in their kit) – field strip the AK, remove the 2 screws and pull off the existing stock. Insert new Stock Adaptor into receiver, and install both of the included bolts.


Hephaestus has made minor changes to the design that are not present on the real VLTOR product (as from what I can tell from photos of the original product): 6-position extension instead of the 5-position VLTOR, no markings, QD sling swivel studs are cut differently (groove for bearings to lock into are cut lower into the stud than will fit with ALL the swivels I own – I’m disappointed that Hephaestus overlooked this).


I can live without the markings as I’ll be running a stock on top of it in a mostly collapsed position, and I may be able to live without the QD sling swivel functionality as this gun can get pretty heavy with a mag in it (heavy weight on single point sling sucks for my shoulders). However, if I wanted to make a QD swivel work, I think I should be able to just grind down the outermost lip of the stud and take the overall depth down a few millimeters – this should allow the bearings in a QD swivel to reach a little further into the stud and lock into place properly.


Tell me your thoughts

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