Hephaestus Tactical Selector for GHK AK

The GHK AK platform takes AEG AK selector levers and from what I can tell is most likely equipped with an LCT one, meaning it will not take real selector levers.The Hephaestus Tactical Selector (Type A) is a drop-in replacement for my GHK that allows me to more easily run the selector lever without taking my hand off the pistol grip. This definitely allows me to get a first shot on close target from safe faster, as I’ve previously tried with a Dynamic Star selector lever (modeled after a Krebs Mk IV) on my LCT AK AEG.


In summary, Hephaestus offers nothing special with this product.

Stamped steel and cleanly stamped at that. Slightly different finish than that found on stock GHK selector lever.


Extended shelf definitely makes this easy to use with trigger finger – this extension is flat as versus a curved surface that I’ve got currently installed on my LCT AEG. The flat surface is just as easy to manipulate off of safe and onto fire, AND it allows for more comfortable manipulation of the selector lever back to safe than the curved shape, as the sharp edges don’t have a chance to dig into my finger. Nice for a change from the Dynamic Star clone of a Krebs MK IV on my LCT – also the fact that its half the price of one of those helps (based on WGC Shop pricing online).

Note that there is some wear on the top edge of the selector lever already – this is a result of the fitment between lever and top cover being incredibly tight. I’ve actually had to take pliers to it and bend this edge of the selector lever slightly inwards in order to not have a stupid amount of resistance to taking the selector off safe.


No notch to hold open the bolt like most of the real enhanced “tactical” selector levers commonly seen, though this feature wouldn’t even do anything with the short stroked GHK platform anyway. Besides, its not like I would use this anyway.

Installing this lever wasn’t as easy as the stock one. I’m not really sure why the oblong shape of the Hephaestus Selector didn’t fit as easily as I would have thought, but after some fiddling with trying to align the hole in the aftermarket selector with the internal bit it did manage to finally slip into place after a couple of attempts. On the plus side, I did discover that GHK actually used threadlocker on SOMETHING in this gun after all, which is nice because this does have a tendency to loosen up on AEG AK’s every now and then.


All in all, the Hephaestus product wasn’t an entirely clean install. However, it does get the job done in a manner that I wanted it done in, now that I’ve successfully scratched it up and bent it some of the corners into shape. I probably wouldn’t buy another one of these again due to the issues experienced during the install and ~$20 USD + shipping for a simple piece of stamped steel that doesn’t look particularly amazing seems steep to me… though since it seems to work now, I guess it’ll do.

2 responses to “Hephaestus Tactical Selector for GHK AK

  • James

    Hephaestus AK fire selector has a cheap finish, black paint, they wear off fast 😦

    • juicy

      Yes, after using mine for a while now, the biggest complaint about mine is that the “detent” position at which it was stamped sits a tiny bit too far forward to really click with the notches in my receiver. In retrospect, not worth it.

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