Ergo AK Classic Grip

After my GHK AK74 factory ABS plastic grip broke off, I was forced (though not unwillingly so) into the market for a new pistol grip. Do note that there really is not much material from GHK underneath where the grip screw holds the whole thing on there. After removing my bolt to loctite it on there, it is possible that I may have tightened it a tiny bit beyond the original tightness; then that compounded with rough handling when trying to see what would break first in the GHK platform, likely has resulted in a broken grip that fell right off the gun.


I was initially intending to grab a US Palm AK Battle Grip even before having to replace the GHK, however the Ergo was the first of these two aftermarket options to be available to me and first to arrive. I’ve read that the US Palm Battle Grip can force the shooters hand quite high up and into the sharper corners of the receiver, whereas the Ergo Classic Grip shares the rounded back strap found on the original AK grip that allows a more natural feeling grip. As from what I could see from photos of both options, the grip angle appears slightly more upright (more “Western”) than the Russian pattern part – this is definitely the case with the Ergo option.


Overmolded rubber construction results in a tiny bit of squishy give in the grip, though it’s just the right amount of traction mixed in with solidity. Plastic construction with the rest of the grip – looks like some sort of polymer. This is my first foray into pistol grips featuring injection-molded rubber over plastic, and I’m actually quite impressed with how one feels and runs (comfort is the best part here). Honestly, the whole rubber coated pistol grip thing is something that I’d like to come back and try again on other platforms.


Storage compartment inside, accessed through a plastic pop-off door that is integrally retained onto the grip itself. Personally, I don’t really use storage compartments inside grips and the like – however, since I’ve currently got an A Plus Hop Up System enroute, I guess I’ll now need somewhere to store a hex key to adjust that setting. Worthy of note is how the Ergo AK Grip is wider than the factory grip.


The grip screw to attach the Ergo Grip to the receiver is included. This bolt is significantly shorter than the length of the OEM GHK fastener, as to allow for an uninterrupted storage compartment inside the body of the grip. Not to worry though – it (as well as the entire grip) is a perfect fit with my GHK AK74 GBBR.

Thanks to a friend of a friend for hooking me up with this one from the States.


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