Guarder Airtight Rubber for M1911

After years of running my TM MEU magazines with little-to-no maintenance and even less lubrication, my magazine top gaskets were starting to wear down and/or tear. This was causing some extra gas consumption due to leak of gas coming out from the cracks and gaps in the rubber, and hence I decided that it was time to rejuvenate them.


I went with Guarder’s seal replacement part in the end since it was easiest to find (in significant quantity) for the 1911 series. The little bit of information I managed to dig up on them on the interwebs basically said that these are primarily a replacement, not an upgrade. Still, these are easier to acquire as compared to the Marui original part, so I decided to give these a try especially for the cheap price that they go for.


Do note that the Guarder rubber seal (left) is slightly taller in height than the Marui (right); it fits just the same though. No effects on gun function so far as I can tell.




Result – mags work as good as new now with the Guarder rubber (left). Appears to have same performance as undamaged original TM gasket (right), as far as I can tell without actually running chrono test to get accurate reading of output.



9 responses to “Guarder Airtight Rubber for M1911

  • Martin

    Is guarder gas route better than marui ? How much FPS guarder gas route improved? Thanks for the info.

  • Martin

    Is this gas route hardening by cold? Can this product fix leak between gas route and nozzle? Sorry for my bad english, i am czech.

    • juicy

      Honestly, I’m not sure yet about cold weather performance. I myself just shelf my 1911’s during the winter and field doubles stack pistols or no sidearm at all, rather than deal with anemic performance of the 1911 magazine in the cold. But… in terms of hardness of rubber that I can feel by hand, the Guarder feels a little bit harder.

      Leaks between gas route and nozzle – the height of Guarder product is essentially the same. Without having a chrono on hand at the moment to get you an actual chrono reading, I would think that there is probably no difference between a new TM gas route and a new Guarder gas route. I will chrono it and report back with the difference ASAP for you.

      And your English is totally fine! No need to apologize.

      • Martin

        I have got WE gas magazine for M1911a1 and i think that original gas route is total shit.Material of gas route is probably not very quality. When i shooting, gas escapes all around the gun. New and more quality gas route probably fix this problem. When you chrono it, report for me on this discusion, i am seeing it.

      • juicy

        I’m not sure if the WE 1911 gas route is compatible with TM 1911 part. I haven’t had the opportunity to take apart a WE 1911 magazine in years, since I last owned one.

        The best solution I ever came across for my old WE magazines was shimming the gas route higher to form a better seal with the loading nozzle. I saw a tutorial for this somewhere on YouTube, cutting plastic (or rubber) shims to fit and adding as many as necessary to form a good seal.

        I will still eventually do a proper chrono test and edit it into this post once that has been done, but its currently too cold for my 1911s to give decent readings in my part of the world right now.

    • Martin

      Must be a shims made of plastic or rubber? It didnt made of metal? How thick are shims?

      • juicy

        Please look for instructions of the modification itself (YouTube) – it is not my idea, nor do I remember the specifics of it.

        For reference, the FPS difference between a slightly worn Marui gasket and brand new Guarder gasket is negligible, though the consistency with the magazine outfitted with the like new Guarder gasket shot slightly more consistently (by about 1 FPS).

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