Japan Parts Order


I recently had a friend and former local player “Sopmod” do an order for me from Airborne-shop.com from Tokyo – my favourite shop during my trip to Japan. I didn’t order anything too crazy – I unfortunately just missed an in stock TSS Flat Hop for PTW (different option that used slightly different geometry and just replaced the roller cushion, as compared to the Orga version), nor was I feeling particularly adventurous with the latest and greatest Airsoft technologies from Japan that Google Translate could not coherently unveil to me. I honestly ended up just picking up (mainly) Japanese-produced parts that have proven track records, as these domestic products are much cheaper in Japan. More to come on (some) of these parts… eventually.


After having another friend and former player “Tatsu” compose an entire email message for me in Japanese to send of to Airborne, I did manage to discover a MS Barrel Nut for Daniel Defense style rails that will fit Prime threading. Once again, this proved that the guy at Airborne really does know what he was talking about – in gist he told me which barrel nut would fit Prime receiver threading and that the barrel nut was designed for DD rails, yet he was honest in that he could not verify himself whether or not it would fit the Madbull DD RIS II that I had mentioned. Personally, I had spent a couple of hours sifting through many varieties of DD style barrel nuts and they all pretty much could be made to work with my MK18 rail (with more or less shims); so this was not a concern for me. After all, I really just wanted a shorter upper with MK18 rail to use a spare Dytac 10.5″ outer barrel that “Jetlag” had traded to me a while back, as the weight savings as compared to the Systema steel 14.5″ barrel were just too much to not make use of.


I’m still working out the kinks with this new upper wearing a Madbull MK18 rail, which I had purchased as soon as I could find one, after reading The Reptile House’s post about Madbull’s newer colouring on their Daniel Defense series of rails. First, there’s the overly tight fitment between MK18 rail and lower receiver that prevents shotgunning the PTW receivers open. And after receiving a few other internal bits (Orga 264mm barrel pictured above, FCC Advance Hop Chamber Gen 2, Dytac 10.5″ outer barrel) and putting everything together, I can tell that things are still going to need work. For example, the FCC Gen 2 Chamber requires modification to the Systema OEM charging handle in order to allow for suitable clearance and operation of the dial. Not to mention that the Dytac outer barrel isn’t that great of a fit with the FCC hop chamber or Orga inner barrel, the resulting play will probably skew any benefits I would be otherwise getting out of the upgrade parts.

That being said, I’m hoping that all these issues should be worked out by the time I’ve managed to fix the electrical issues going on in my PTW lower. I kind of miss my days of having a working PTW – seems like those have become pretty rare recently.


3 responses to “Japan Parts Order

  • thexreptilexhouse

    A good read! One of the reasons I changed back to an OEM Systema outer barrel is because the OEM hop/Orga barrel assembly fits snug.

    Dytac was OK, but a relatively sloppy fit. No performance issues, but still – add in a second potentially off spec item with the FCC hop and there are a lot of variables 🙂

    With the Madbull RIS II, aside from the clearance issue you may need to mill the rear of the 12 O’clock rail, where it meets the upper. Otherwise the rail doesn’t sit plumb when tightened.

    I wasn’t previously aware of the replacement barrel nut. Some people here use an RS one if they can, but most just use the one the rail comes with. It doesn’t go on smoothly at first, admittedly.

    • juicy

      Thanks for your input on some of these things – especially since you’ve got much more experience with Dytac barrels by far.

      Just spent a couple of hours fitting the RIS II today – found out the hard way that things don’t quite line up due to that 12 O’clock rail.

      And yeah, I’m glad I managed to find a barrel nut solution – those Madbull barrel nuts for G&P supposedly would have fit, but finding one is practically impossible nowadays. I tried to get a hold of Daniel Defense for a real one, but that didn’t seem to work out (no response). The Madbull threads were locking up against the receiver threads – I’ve been told from other pairs of eyes watching me struggle that its not a matter of thread height (which I had previously encountered when installing Madbull DD rails onto my WE) but is in fact a matter of thread pitch, making it infinitely more difficult to to chase those threads.

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