Mayflower Mesh Cummerbund

The following is based largely upon my opinion on this product, the Mayflower Mesh Cummerbund with PALS Webbing.


Dominick from DS Tactical recently suggested this somewhat-newly-released cummerbund alternative for my Mayflower APC (pictured above, sitting on top of the included MRC cummerbund with my model).

Initially, I was poking around at some of the slicker plate carrier options in stock at DS. He personally found that the mesh installed into his Mayflower allowed for better breathabililty. He noted that the reduced height of the cummerbund (and resulting reduction in useable PALS rows for MOLLE compatible pouches) was more of a comfort thing, since it wasn’t of concern for a user who was looking to run the sides slick anyway. The addition of 2 PALS rows spaced apart for attachment of MOLLE pouches would allow for smaller radio pouches or whatever to be put inside the cummerbund, further enhancing the ability to keep the sides of the carrier tucked in as much as possible – if something were to be attached to the cummerbund.


After that chat with Dom about why he got one for his, I ended up taking the Mayflower Mesh Cummerbund home. However, I’ve since decided to bring it back as it just isn’t quite right for me. It does breathe a heck of a lot better, that’s for sure. As well as the shortened cummerbund feels less bulky, as Dom had mentioned.


Yet, I can’t comfortably mount the makeshift radio pouch I’ve been using on my APC – a Tactical Tailor 5.56 single shingle which happens to be sized perfectly for a small UHF radio of the BaoFeng variety (ended up realizing that I still need to put that somewhere). The mesh cummerbund features 4 rows of PALS, sewn right up next to each other, with 2 rows of PALS sewn onto the back of the cummerbund.


Notably, I’m not a fan of the lack of stiffness in the cummerbund – the original one has velcro closures to keep contents inside which just so happened to add rigidity to it. I think it’s more a matter of personal preference on this more than anything else in my case – the softness of the mesh cummerbunds just threw me off entirely whilst I pretended to be a bedroom commando with the new Mayflower cummerbund installed. I’m almost tempted to say that I should give it the benefit of the doubt and just go ahead and try it… but in my current stubborn mindset, I would like to think that I’ve got all my tactical gear preferences sorted out in this regard.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a bad product in any means – if it works for you, it works for you. It works perfectly for Dom. It just doesn’t work for me. Actually, let me correct and clarify that: it doesn’t work for me in terms of the application I wanted out of this optional cummerbund from Mayflower.


2 responses to “Mayflower Mesh Cummerbund

  • Noir

    How do you like the ten speed pouches, are they difficult to reinsert mags in game? I’m making the decision between them an tacos.

    • juicy

      Hey Noir, long time no see.

      Depends on the circumstances in which you’re reinserting mags – if you’re bumping fresh mags from another pouch and into the Ten Speeds during a lull, sure – but if you’re running no dump and for whatever reason think that you’ll be able to quickly reinsert an empty mag in the middle of a firefight… well, good luck with that. Local player “Southpaw” told me that the Ten Speed pouches tend to loosen up over time – I’ve found that this is how it works out quite well for one handed reinsertion of magazines, as the opening of the pouch is much wider than they initially come (flat) directly from the factory.

      TACO’s are great too. However, if you’re running only AR mags, I personally prefer a dedicated AR mag pouch (e.g. Ten Speed) rather than a TACO which I tend use more as a do-it-all mag pouch (AR or AK mags, notably, though they will fit pretty much anything). I do find that the slick inside surfaces of a TACO can occasionally cause a top heavy mag to go missing unless you run that drawstring about as tight as a broken-in Ten Speed. A TACO, of course, has an opening that won’t close up on you, so its real easy to reinsert mags on the fly. The multipurpose usages of the TACO makes it a much better pouch for some applications in my mind, and I’ve grown a little fond of all the different ways you can attach a MALICE clip (though bulky and annoying to install as they may be) to almost anything.

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