Loadout: March 2nd Game Day

photo 1

(not pictured: thermal underwear)

There was a light dusting of snow for this past Sunday’s game day, which gave me the perfect opportunity to wear the US issue DCU parka I bought a hundred years ago from fellow teammate Loops (along with a DCU top and pants). It was surprisingly warm and more importantly, almost 100% waterproof, which was nice given the rain/snow/slush combination that peppered us throughout the day.

Also making a debut on this day was my Pantac RRV, which I’ve wanted for awhile but was finally convinced into picking up after repeated viewings of Lone Survivor. I’ll go into further depth with regards to my RRV setup once I run it again this Sunday and have had the chance to make a couple of tweaks to it.

All in all it was a fun setup to run, and one well-suited to the less-than-ideal conditions out there. I’ll likely be running a similar setup this Sunday if current weather conditions continue.

Kitlist after the break.


-US Issue DCU Cold Weather Parka
-Surplus Woodland Pants
-Smith Optics OTW goggles
-Oakley SI Assault Gloves
-North Face hiking boots


Pantac RRV w/ misc Pantac pouches
-MS2000 strobe
-Puxing 888
-Magpul MS3 sling


Avalon Mk.18 Mod0 w/ Specter DR replica, KAC suppressor replica, PEQ-15 replica


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