WE M4 OB Loading Nozzle Update

Having gone through countless loading nozzles for my WE M4A1 with the open bolt conversion kit installed, I’m glad to see that WE have been using new plastics inside all of their guns.


I unfortunately do not have many of the old WE nozzles that have given up on me, as this was formerly a regular occurrence on any WE model. I do have a couple of broken M4 loading muzzles on hand – all of which have broken in the exact same place as is common with most of the WE guns, the loading “finger”:


Over the recent 6 months or so, I have been noticing a change in WE material that these plastic parts have been constructed from. If you look closely at the inset photo below, you may see the colour and texture differences of the lower bolt assembly.


We’ll see if the new batch of M4 loading nozzles I’ve got on hand now will last much longer or not – only more use will tell. Well, 2-6 months of weekly war gaming time with this platform, to ball park it.


2 responses to “WE M4 OB Loading Nozzle Update

  • Craig

    OMG! Maybe you can help! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_Uff9Hbi-I
    Watch my video and maybe you can suggest something? The nozzle seems to get stuck in the hopup chamber. Its lubed, there is no crushed bb’s in the hopup and it looks like it fits nicely within the chamber. is it the rubber not letting go? do i need to file something down? This happens with my plastic nozzles, and with other bolts, RATECH, BLACKSMITH, WE. Also, it happens with diffferent hopup chambers, NEWAGE and WE. HELP!

    • juicy

      First off, your video is tough to listen to with that music. I didn’t watch the whole thing. However, based on what I can gather, you are using quite a few RA-Tech parts.

      Have you tried reverting everything back to original WE parts? RA-Tech has been putting out some really disappointing parts within the last few years.

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