Systema vs. MAG PTW Magazines

Stumbled across a pair of these, and so I snapped a few quick pics to compare the two externally. Not even going to compare performance, as I’m pretty much loving how well my upgraded Systema magazines feed… but I can tell you that from initial glance the compressed follower spring tension in these old and used MAG magazines isn’t enough to feed anything heavy in my own PTW (other users may have mixed results).

Quick notes on comparing the Systema and MAG magazines for Systema PTW:

  • MAG looks and feels cheaper – metal shell stamping, plastic parts material
  • Weight is roughly the same
  • Systema follower is better moulded, yet has a tendency to pop out, whereas the MAG design prevents this
  • Design and assembly appears the same
  • Systema uses roll pins to hold inner case in outer case, whereas MAG uses solid pins for this function

Quick photo comparison here (more photos after the break):








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