TM MEU: Quick Observations

Had the chance to mess around (read: fire around 200+ rounds at various paper/steel targets) with my new TM 1911 MEU at a local indoor range yesterday and came away with the following observations, all after the break.

TLDR: I love this gun.

  • I love this gun.
  • The first shot almost always throws a ton of propane back into your face, especially with a fully gassed mag. Phew.
  • Recoil is crisp, clean, and quick.
  • The trigger is relatively short and with a clean break. The reset is easily discernable. Double/triple taps are easy, as are 4-5 shot reps as evidenced by my running the 1-5 VTAC drill with no hiccups (this also speaks to the lack of significant mag cool down).
  • The black sights are extremely difficult to pick up – I really need to either draw some white dots on the front and rear sights or purchase some aftermarket sights. Having to find the sights to line up my shot cost me precious seconds during some of my runs through our makeshift IPSC course. Thankfully the sights were pretty much dialled in and didn’t require zeroing, at least at the 50 feet that was the longest part of the range.
  • The stock TM magazine fed perfectly, as did a KJW mag I borrowed from a teammate – but the KJW mag is a very tight fit and this cost me during one of my runs when the mag wasn’t seated properly. Thankfully, a quick (and I must admit, very badass feeling) tap-rack-bang solved that malfunction. The KJW mag also doesn’t drop freely, and necessitates you having to yank the mag out via the base plate. The internet says the KJW mag fit will loosen over time, but I think I’ll stick with TM mags.
  • The light weight of the TM MEU compared to other full-metal sidearms didn’t throw me as much as I thought it would. I quickly adjusted to the lesser weight and was able to move from target to target quickly and efficiently.
  • I’m going to keep it completely stock for as long as I have it. In the words of Juicy: “If you keep that thing stock and don’t touch it, it’ll last you forever.” I believe him.
  • I love this gun.

Now… anyone have three TM MEU mags they wanna sell me? 🙂


One response to “TM MEU: Quick Observations

  • Matt

    is there a write up on how this has performed skirmish wise?
    I’ve been using a TM Desert Warrior for a few months now and had amazing performance from it.

    looking to purchase an MEU and assuming with the same stock internals I should get the same performance

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