Tokyo Marui PSG-1

I recently had to do a simple fix on one of these at work… so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of it while it was partially disassembled.

The H&K G3 line of rifles has always been of interest to me, including two of my early AEGs, hence why the PSG-1 (mechanically based off the G3) naturally gains that cool factor in my books.


In case this isn’t already apparent, this is a very long gun; it wouldn’t fit in my phone’s photo frame when fully assembled.


More photos of the finer details of the TM PSG-1 AEG after the break – many of which were a pleasant surprise for me to discover!

Externally, despite being a plastic body, Tokyo Marui really has paid exquisite attention to the details…

Like the trigger shoe:


Adjustable trigger stop. Fun fact – the right side selector indicator moves when you move the selector, as per the original Tokyo Marui G3:




Tasco clone optic:




Faux wood pistol grip:


Mock weld marks:



Compatibility with bipod in forearm (Tokyo Marui packages the bipod separately), as from the “real steel” H&K:


Adjustable stock (for length of pull and height of cheek rest):


It does disassemble a little differently than a TM G3 though. There is no front body pin, so they have put a screw there instead of the pin.


The Tokyo Marui PSG-1 features a Version 4 gearbox (which features electric blowback) – from what I’ve heard, these are built like tanks, though can be a little finicky when upgrading due to hard-to-find aftermarket parts.


That being said, when disassembled, it still does loosely resemble the internals of a G3 AEG of Tokyo Marui design – all the G3 AEG on the airsoft market in some way or form are based off of the TM. There are some modifications to the design though.

Drum style hop up chamber strongly resembles the TM G3. With upgrades, I bet this would make a hell of a great shooting gun:


Of interest is that the rear end of the gun feels more solid than a TM G3 AEG, even with the heavier weight stock. This is probably due to this metal block that sits behind the gearbox:




Speaking of the rear half of the gun, the stock has this odd shaped battery compartment which is deceivingly big compared to the opening that you can see:


Nothing in depth about the gun here – just thought it was a cool gun that apparently has way more cool features that I didn’t even know about when I first handled this brand new in box PSG-1 at work. Probably won’t see another brand new in box TM PSG-1 for a while – as a matter of fact, this is the first one I’ve actually had a good look at that is actually fresh out of the box. At the high price point these guns are often sold at in Canada (let alone the rest of the world), its just uncommon to see stores actually try to stock these.

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