Run and Guns – Mar 23, 2014

I haven’t enjoyed a pure run and gun day this much in ages… I guess I’ve just forgotten what airsoft is once you remove all the politics and business and other assorted bullshit that I’m all too accustomed to when it comes to this sort of obsessive hobby. Was certainly nice to get out there and run two new guns through their paces – Jetlag was running my new Echo1 SOF3 (a bit of a sleeper compared to how much crap I usually like to put on my guns, proportional to how much work goes into the internals), and I got the opportunity to run my CA SA58 for the what will probably be the last time, as well as got my first few kills on my brand new LCT AKS-74M.

Footage from quick and simple games with Team Avengers and Panther Airsoft Club this past Sunday. Most of these clips depict kills, though some of them I have kept in there because they’re just hilarious to listen to… usually just Jetlag yelling stupid stuff while getting shot at. At the end there’s a little clip of me screwing with Sunny D’s gear and mags, as per the usual. All of it just for fun – which it certainly was… well, for Jetlag and I, at least. And it helped that we were at about 10,000 BB’s dumped downrange in a day, between the two of us.

It may have also helped that I may or may not have vented pent up aggression when I went heavy on the trigger finger into a couple of players. To anyone who is reading this who I lit up excessively, I’m sorry – it is just really hard to heard people calling themselves “hit” over these guns.


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