MICH 2000 Update

I’ve been noticing an increase in helmets other than 2000’s in recent photographs of real MARSOC operators – mostly Ops Core Maritime’s – and decided it was time to do something different with this helmet that was otherwise just going to sit on one of my shelves of no return.


Picked up some Emerson repro ARC rails, then went to town on chopping chunks out of my latest lid project, an Element “Ideal” MICH TC2000 in OD.

A dremel and bits, hacksaw, and file resulted in this…







While Ops Core helmets as private purchases are nothing new, as from what I can tell from photos and press releases, Ops Core just got contracted by SOCOM for Ops Core Maritime helmets. Considering on how hard it is to find a repro Maritime in my size at the moment, I started looking into other options. One of said options included cutting down a 2000, though uncommon at best, a couple of MARSOC impression guys on DEVTSIX forums managed to find a few photos of chopped 2000’s in the field, prior to the new Maritime’s.

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