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Interview with Stealth of Airsoft Store Canada


I recently had the pleasure of conducting an email interview with Stealth from Airsoft Store Canada. For those not in the know, Airsoft Store Canada  is one of the more well established online airsoft retailers in Canada with a focus mainly on internal parts, but with a  rapidly growing selection of external parts and accessories. 

I for one vouch for the quality of Airsoft Store Canada’s items and their quick, helpful customer service, of which Stealth is the pointman. See below for my quick interview:

Dizzy (Overhoppers): How were you introduced to airsoft, and how long have you been playing? What keeps you playing?
Stealth (Airsoft Store Canada): My father purchased my first “airsoft gun” for me when I was about 6 years old. While it seems like a crazy idea, you have to understand that this was in Hong Kong where airsoft is a lot more prevalent. It was a China-made Double Eagle springer pistol and I didn’t do much with it aside from shoot it around the house a few times before being packed away and moved to our new home in Canada. Time went by and the gun made various appearances as a novelty item when friends came over but I was introduced to what most people associate as airsoft when I was about 15. I had started playing walk-on paintball a few times with friends in highschool before most of them discovered airsoft through Airsoft Canada Forums. The primary retailer back then was Tru Lai and as most players of that era fondly remember, he happily peddled airsoft goods out of his trunk at various Flag Raiders games. I bought my first “real” airsoft gun shortly after (A Western Arms Prokiller F3.9 and a Tokyo Marui MP5A2) and I’ve been playing for about 13 years now. Time flies.
Throughout the years, the reasons why I keep playing have changed. These days, I stay in the game because I appreciate the training and personal fitness aspect of airsoft. And let’s face it – it’s fun to talk sh*t and shoot your friends. That never gets old.

PTX Keymod Rail: Quick Update

I was out there running my recently reassembled 14.5″ PTW upper today – I’m definitely loving the rail; it’s a keeper!

No issues thus far with the rail system itself, though I will probably have to play around with moving that sling mount around a bit. The Parallax Tactical FFSSR Keymod has got the right profile for the job, and it certainly seems to be a bit of a head-turner.


I was just thinking that one of the next purchases for this upper will be a short BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip. Then I started thinking about how my experiments thus far with mounting various forward grips to this slim profile rail utilizing a Keymod rail section have usually just been not quite comfortable enough, as there will be a little bit of a ledge between the vertical grip, rail section, and rail itself. This lead to me going online to see if there was a lower profile Keymod rail section out there than the one lonesome Parallax 5-slot I have at the moment… or better yet, see if there was some sort of Keymod-mounted vertical grip out there on the market yet that would feel similar. But upon booting up my computer, I logged onto Facebook to see what was new (hurray for social media habits), and lo and behold! This is what I saw as Larry Vickers’ recent status update:

Yes – Vickers just got some pre-production BCM Keymod stubby vertical grips (photo comes from his Facebook post). Perfect timing… now, the wait for these to be released begins!

Parallax Tactical Keymod FFSSR

I recently felt a hankering for something simple, cheap, and slick to slap onto a 14.5″ Systema PTW upper that I had the majority of the components for…


Picked this one up from Weapon Outfitters last time I stopped by. Got the last Flat Dark Earth model in 13″ they had on hand – a demo item used in a photo shoot (possibly this one). Minor scuffs aside…

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Rainy Day Range Time

Let’s be honest about this – playing Airsoft in the rain sucks. For days when the passion alone just isn’t enough to convince myself that I really want to go to the field and curse my silly obsession, I’m usually looking to replace that trigger time with some other form of shooting stuff.

… And that about sums up the past 4 months of indoor footage captured at Anthony and Albert’s private indoor range.

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MICH 2000 Update: Round 2

Recently got a pair of FMA ARC Rail Adaptors for Comtacs from “Jester” (thanks bro!), with which I managed to get one step closer to completing this latest helmet project of mine – a cut-down MICH with a hint of MARSOC-inspiration.


My thoughts in brief about where to take this next, as well as a quick run down of my thoughts on the FMA adaptors.

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Propper APCU

I picked up a couple of Propper layers in Alpha Green from DS Tactical a couple of months ago, while it was colder and raining (and even snowing). Nothing terribly fancy, but definitely just as useful.


Though usually I couldn’t really care too much about the weather as this is airsoft we’re talking about (I can pretty much walk off the field whenever the rain is too much), it seemed like a good time to grab the Softshell as I saw it on DS’s website on clearance, and the fleece was a bit of an afterthought of a purchase. The combination of the two definitely made the tail half of my winter airsoft season a little warmer and a lot drier.

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blast from the past!

blast from the past!

Well, I finally did it – I went and hopped on the KWA ERG bandwagon thanks to a timely trade involving my LCT AK105 (which saw more use as a display piece at home than anything else). The ERG came with some professional internal upgrades pre-installed, but more on that in a separate entry.

I knew even before I got the ERG in my hands that the front end with the MOE handguard would have to go. I love Magpul, but have never been a fan of the look/feel of the MOE handguard. Moreover, I’m seeing more and more ERGs out there and I like my guns to look a little unique.

With the ERG being front-wired and with re-wiring to the rear out of the question due to the recoil mechanism taking up the buffer tube space, I had two options: 1) run a rail system and a lipo in a PEQ, or 2) find a rail system that I could cram a lipo into. Having had a poor experience running PEQ lipos when I owned my TM Recoil Shock, I decided to go with the latter.

Enter: a real steel Vltor CASV-M.

More pics and first impressions after the break.

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