Velocity Operator’s Utility Belt

Picked this up a few weeks ago from DS Tactical – the Velocity Systems Operator’s Utility Belt (OUB).


I purchased it for the purpose of being a dedicated first line rig, and it’s definitely an excellent solution for this – exactly as advertised: “less is more.”

The OUB is a belt sleeve that features segmented PALS columns, allowing for routing of the belt either inside or outside of the OUB for attachment of both belt pouches and MOLLE pouches. Quick note – I’ve purchased mine in size large (8 columns of PALS on the back of the belt, and 6 slotted columns of PALS on the left and right).


It does incorporate a stiff insert inside the belt. Increased stiffness means less flopping of attached pouches.


This skeletonized insert and mostly mesh construction allows for passive cooling. Perfect for a first line set up.


No pad and narrower width results in a lower profile, light weight belt system. Conversely, it isn’t as comfortable as padded belts when loaded heavily.


I’ve paired my Velocity OUB with a HSGI Cobra Rigger’s Belt, allowing for quick donning and doffing. Discussion with Eddie from DS resulted in my decision about buying a new inner belt to go with this that would feature a curved profile wouldn’t have added much comfort anyway (the OUB itself already has this curver shape).


Tell me your thoughts

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