Propper APCU

I picked up a couple of Propper layers in Alpha Green from DS Tactical a couple of months ago, while it was colder and raining (and even snowing). Nothing terribly fancy, but definitely just as useful.


Though usually I couldn’t really care too much about the weather as this is airsoft we’re talking about (I can pretty much walk off the field whenever the rain is too much), it seemed like a good time to grab the Softshell as I saw it on DS’s website on clearance, and the fleece was a bit of an afterthought of a purchase. The combination of the two definitely made the tail half of my winter airsoft season a little warmer and a lot drier.

The Propper APCU Level III Pullover is made from Polartec Powerstretch material that features 4-way stretch (really nice) that is warm, yet breathable enough. Material does pill when rubbed up against Velcro. Half zip. No pockets, yet again as per intended usage, I guess. Cut is for a regular length, fit isn’t particularly loose nor snug – just right for wearing under a jacket. Definitely an excellent layer to throw over a base layer for a day when it’s freezing. Nothing particularly fancy, yet I’ve actually found myself wearing this on a nearly daily basis on and off the field.

20140411_223441 20140411_223518 20140411_223648 20140411_223720

This is the Propper APCU Level V Softshell Jacket. Once again, 4-way stretch fabric. Treatment on the fabric does it’s job keeping dirt and water off. Tough enough to resist abrasion, no snagging. Seems to be wind repellant, while remaining breathable. 4 pockets arranged in same positions as most tactical style jackets (no Velcro though). Full zip. And speaking about zippers, they tuck away nicely into little covers. Elastic on cuffs and at the sides of the bottom of the jacket. No seam on top of shoulder. Cut seems a bit shorter on torso (possibly to clear any belt mounted equipment), though sleeves are about a regular in length. No lining to this jacket – I actually prefer this to lined softshells, as I can add or remove layers to stay just warm enough, depending on the temperature.

20140411_223828 20140411_223924 20140411_224051 20140411_224142 20140411_224344

The following photo was taken after my first trial wearing the Propper APCU layers at a snowy game day. The top jacket is “Jetlag’s” old TAD jacket – this illustrates how dry my new Propper Softshell remained. Also noteworthy is the difference in colours.


All in all, I think these are definitely better than the all-too-common Condor jackets that I’ve been seeing a lot of on the local fields. I guess I just didn’t know how much being warm and dry would be an improvement to my comfort during the winter airsoft season.

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