MICH 2000 Update: Round 2

Recently got a pair of FMA ARC Rail Adaptors for Comtacs from “Jester” (thanks bro!), with which I managed to get one step closer to completing this latest helmet project of mine – a cut-down MICH with a hint of MARSOC-inspiration.


My thoughts in brief about where to take this next, as well as a quick run down of my thoughts on the FMA adaptors.

I’m actually rather impressed with these FMA repro’s of the legit 3M product. After discussion with “Southpaw” a few months ago about his take on the adaptors (he was running them week after week), I wasn’t quite sold on the whole idea and wanted to just try them out for the time being… hence, clone. “Southpaw” had mentioned that his clones were absolute junk – they wouldn’t pop outwards and stay in place like the real deal, and as a result he ended up getting the real ones. These FMA clones don’t seem to suffer from the same issue; in fact, they look and feel quite sturdy and fit well with both my Z-Tactical COMTAC II’s and Emerson ARC Rails. Devoid of any markings, they look to be a pretty good clone, based on what I can see in product photos (even have the 2x boom mic mounts there). As this is a clone helmet (useless for anything other than a BB shield and looking cool), I’ll probably just keep the clone adaptors on there seeing as how things are right now.


Still trying to decide if I’m going to be swapping on a MS2000 strobe and repro Wilcox mount (seems more common in photos I’ve seen). In the meanwhile, I’m debating on a Multicam cover or painting this lid.

http://www.americanspecialops.com/photos/marsoc/msot-operator.php – caption as per here says that this MSOT dude is wearing a 2001, but I’m definitely working towards that 2013-ish look with this helmet.


Tell me your thoughts

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