Rainy Day Range Time

Let’s be honest about this – playing Airsoft in the rain sucks. For days when the passion alone just isn’t enough to convince myself that I really want to go to the field and curse my silly obsession, I’m usually looking to replace that trigger time with some other form of shooting stuff.

… And that about sums up the past 4 months of indoor footage captured at Anthony and Albert’s private indoor range.

I’m currently figuring out how to use my video editing software better… for some reason videos keep getting spit out in 720p rather than 1080p. I blame my lack of understanding any of the settings I’m playing with – hurray for totally bumbling my way through all of this.

If shooting at paper and steel is too boring for your tastes (as it usually is for me), here’s a video clip that involves targets that shoot back… or, well, theoretically they should be shooting back. At the very least they’re moving targets that sometimes try not to die.


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