PTX Keymod Rail: Quick Update

I was out there running my recently reassembled 14.5″ PTW upper today – I’m definitely loving the rail; it’s a keeper!

No issues thus far with the rail system itself, though I will probably have to play around with moving that sling mount around a bit. The Parallax Tactical FFSSR Keymod has got the right profile for the job, and it certainly seems to be a bit of a head-turner.


I was just thinking that one of the next purchases for this upper will be a short BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip. Then I started thinking about how my experiments thus far with mounting various forward grips to this slim profile rail utilizing a Keymod rail section have usually just been not quite comfortable enough, as there will be a little bit of a ledge between the vertical grip, rail section, and rail itself. This lead to me going online to see if there was a lower profile Keymod rail section out there than the one lonesome Parallax 5-slot I have at the moment… or better yet, see if there was some sort of Keymod-mounted vertical grip out there on the market yet that would feel similar. But upon booting up my computer, I logged onto Facebook to see what was new (hurray for social media habits), and lo and behold! This is what I saw as Larry Vickers’ recent status update:

Yes – Vickers just got some pre-production BCM Keymod stubby vertical grips (photo comes from his Facebook post). Perfect timing… now, the wait for these to be released begins!

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