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After being hounded that I should pick up a pair of these PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves “just because” by Eddie and Ali at DS, I finally did – sometimes the stupidly simple sales pitch works.


I initially didn’t see the point in getting a pair of gloves other than replacement flight gloves for my favourite (but thoroughly worn-out) Blackhawk Nomex pair, but seeing as how DS no longer carries as much of the Hatch line as they once did, I guess it was time for a change… besides, why the heck was I wearing thicker FR gloves for Airsoft in the first place?


Personally, I much rather go play Airsoft games with gloves than without, but prefer the feel of a gun in my bare hands – as such, these PIG gloves work great for me.

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After finally coming across one that developed a leak, my coworker Justin opened one up to inspect it’s viability for conversion it to run his future KJW GBBR external air.

Surprisingly, the space inside that would contain gas was smaller than expected. Loaded BB’s would double stack in a vertical column, rather than in a curved shape like most GBB M4 magazines. Though this design choice occupied a bit more usable green gas volume inside the magazine, the KJ V2’s still run quite well on these mags as well, from what I’ve seen.


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Upcoming Marui Releases

I’m just going to put this link here… there’s some exciting stuff coming soon!

Text is mostly in Japanese, but there are plenty of photos and videos.

Echo1 SOF 3 AEG

After many months of running my beloved CA SA58 as my dedicated high-cap-fueled full-auto-spam AEG, I finally decided to retire it in favour of a longer barrel and handguard that I had originally wanted.


May I introduce to you my not-so-brand-new Echo1 Enterprise Arms SOF 3! While it was brand new out of the box at the time these photographs were taken, it has been through a few months of bags and bags of BB’s per day… so I’m not sure if I can really call it “brand new” now.


Based on the Classic Army design of the DSA SA-58 (a modern FN FAL based platform in the real gun world), this gun actually features very limited compatibility with the original CA parts. CA 500rd and 1000rd high caps fit and feed in the Echo1 model just the same – and in the end, that’s all I really care about. Good news that the CA mags work (I was holding my breath about that), as the included Echo1 500rd mags don’t have enough spring tension to feed very well at all.

More notes on comparing the two after the break.

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Upgrades – Part 1

Seeing as how I work in a retail store where aftermarket upgrades and services to install those upgrades is a thing, I’ve been thinking about how each individual player’s definition of an “upgraded” gun may actually differ.

At work, I’ve had a few customers come in over the past few weeks asking for their gun to be upgraded – often on a budget. If given a budget, we have been working up to this budget to get things done and out of the way starting with the most effective upgrades to that customer’s gun (not nearly as many as I myself would have liked to do)… however, this doesn’t always pan out as expected with the occasional customers who get back their gun and who feel that the work done to their gun greatly exceeds their expectations, or are totally let down by how their gun doesn’t shoot as far/fast/hurt as much as they had expected.

This lead me to do some reflecting about what it means to tune an Airsoft AEG, in my books, and what that definition of “upgraded” really means to me.

Begin rant:

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Geargasm: Vltor CASV-M + Magpul MVG


Here’s a pro tip: a Magpul MVG can mount directly to the Vltor CASV-M using one of the included screws for mounting rail sections, and one of the rail section screw holes. There’s no need for the foregrip retaining plate to the mounted to the inside of the rail unit, either. The result is a slick foregrip mounting solution without the need to mount a rail section first, and then a foregrip on top of that.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the CASV-M is the hipster of rail systems. It was a slick rail system before slick rail systems were cool. Also, it thinks that Keymod is so mainstream, and that real rail systems just screw stuff on…