After being hounded that I should pick up a pair of these PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves “just because” by Eddie and Ali at DS, I finally did – sometimes the stupidly simple sales pitch works.


I initially didn’t see the point in getting a pair of gloves other than replacement flight gloves for my favourite (but thoroughly worn-out) Blackhawk Nomex pair, but seeing as how DS no longer carries as much of the Hatch line as they once did, I guess it was time for a change… besides, why the heck was I wearing thicker FR gloves for Airsoft in the first place?


Personally, I much rather go play Airsoft games with gloves than without, but prefer the feel of a gun in my bare hands – as such, these PIG gloves work great for me.

After wearing them around after taking them home, I was surprised to notice how thin the FDT gloves actually are in the palms, finger pads and thumbs. And after shooting with them, the “full dexterity” on the trigger finger really became apparent – it’s almost like shooting with no gloves on (the ventilation holes really help with this feeling while not shooting). Not too hot when it’s warmer and sunny out, while not getting absolutely soggy when it rains.


The thickness of the outside face of the FDTs is just right for keeping my hands protected from the likes of Stinging Nettles that are all too common in the brush at the field I usually play at, yet flexible as the joint assembly allows for my fingers to move freely. The thinly padded knuckles haven’t been put to much use yet, but I’m sure they will help to ease the pain of future BB impacts as compared to most of the other gloves I own.


Paracord pull loop with the short cuff allows for easy donning. Side benefit: the loop comes in handy as I can now hang my gloves off a carabiner, rather than having to dump them in a pocket or pouch where they may fall out or otherwise become lost. While we are on the topic of the cuff, the hook-and-loop of the wrist strap isn’t something I particularly like as I find it slower to put on, but at the very least PIG has chosen the lower profile hook material that doesn’t snag as bad.


I do wonder what’s up with the brighter colour choice on the top of the thumbs of the gloves in Coyote Tan – doesn’t seem quite as practical for colour matching as the green or black options do. Suede material is really nice and soft though.


Right off the bat, I had noticed that the Large doesn’t really fit my 3rd and 4th fingers as well as I was hoping that they would – but come to think of it, I’m fairly certain that my hands are just like that in nearly every pair of gloves I’ve ever owned. The Medium size didn’t feel right as all the fingers in the gloves seemed too short for my hands. It’s probably just me being picky about finding a pair of gloves that fits my hands… well, like a glove. But honestly, after shooting with these gloves on, I don’t really notice this as the material is thin enough in all the right places (note padding on edge of glove) and any extra length is on fingers that I don’t really use as much.


The thinness of the gloves makes me question long term durability a bit, but heck, they are shooting/tactical gloves after all (consumable). No warranty for this trade off of dexterity versus durability. Good bang for buck, and not for a ton of money for the FDTs either.


Honestly, I’m quite glad that I did end up buying the PIG FDTs – despite the lack of any real sales pitch from the guys at DS, Eddie and Ali usually do a pretty good job of recommending stuff I would actually like. These are no exception; the FDT gloves do fit the bill quite well for what I was needing out of a pair of gloves.

3 responses to “PIG FDT-ALPHA Gloves

  • Kenway

    I got a pair a little while back and I love it. Both for shooting real steel and handling my airsoft rifle. The suede’s nice and soft on your nose too haha

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