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EDC Bag: Mystery Ranch Full Moon

Now that I am back in Hong Kong, it has become harder for me to carry things – thus I felt a need to buy an EDC bag. Since my favourite shop, DS Tactical, is now half way around the world, I made do with the equivalent in Hong Kong, Supreme Co.. After looking around there, I decided on the Mystery Ranch Full Moon.

2014-06-23 23.38.02

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LBT-6015A Coyote Tan (Old Gen)

From my latest LegitKit purchase through eBay – a used old gen London Bridge Trading radio pouch. Operator as f*ck with green zip ties, presumably to keep the knot on adjustable radio retention from coming undone. Previous owner Sharpie’d on his name, which was later obscured, presumably when he offloaded it.


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Coming Very Soon: Cybergun VFC FN Herstal FNX-45

“Jetlag” and I have been anxiously discussing the upcoming release of the Cybergun FNX GBB that we’ve seen photos and videos of floating around over the past few months without a ton of background information… I know I’ve been very curious to see who the manufacturer of the GBB pistol would be revealed to be (release date in Hong Kong is supposed to be sometime next month). And here is a pretty big update on the Cybergun // VFC FN  Herstal FNX-45 GBB, as just appeared on the Airsoft & Military ACE Blog from Germany:

The following photos and video are posted in ACE’s article (these appear to come from Cybergun, which is huge over in Europe):

Exciting? Yeah, sure is… especially since it is the “tacticool” FNX-45 Tactical model – red dot mount compatibility built into the slide, suppressor sights to allow co-witness with optional red dot, and threaded barrel with thread protector the highlight features on the real FN model. Big plus – it is all in that good looking FDE package; I liked the early VFC XCR tan finish, but now I really, really like VFC’s recent tan finishes as they’ve gotten a little darker – really easy on the eyes, considering that most Airsoft companies fail to even get the Earth tone into Flat Dark Earth. Looks like snappy kick for a stock gun, should be lots of fun to shoot as most VFC GBB’s are. Probably the closest I will ever get to ever owning a real FNX, as the price point the “real steel” goes for is pretty high up there.

But those of you whom ended up this blog from links on other forums are likely to know that I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for being a VFC GBB hater – in terms of initial releases, and this is no exception. At best, I’m skeptical of the long term reliability & initial functionality of this gun for at least the first generation. As much as I want to get one immediately myself because it is really freaking cool as a tactical-practical pistol, I’ll probably end up waiting for in-depth reviews to pop up before purchasing.

Upgrades – Part 2

A month ago, I wrote about how an “upgraded” gun may not mean the same thing from one person to the next. I’ve been doing some more thinking about all the different things under this topic, and figured I would tackle my take on this part next:

I get this question quite often at work, “how do I make my gun shoot fast?” This is actually an excellent question… Depending on who is asking and what answer they are looking for, however, results may vary. There are two different rates that are discussed at which an Airsoft gun can shoot – muzzle velocity and rate of fire. Let me preface this by clearing up my take on these matters, right off the bat: neither muzzle velocity, nor rate of fire are your be all/end all answer(s) to all your upgrading needs.

And so let’s begin…

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Overhoppers is now international!

I have just moved to Hong Kong, thus Overhoppers will have more access to new and more products faster. So keep your eyes on our blog for more reviews/overviews to come.

2014-06-23 16.53.24 2014-06-23 16.56.03 2014-06-23 17.31.41

Operator Modded RRV

Got this MLCS Rhodesian Recon Vest in MJK on eBay at a great price, which fairly reflected the condition it is in.

Note the chopped bib and removed plate pocket & associated bits on the back of the chest rig. As per LegitKit (the eBay seller), the mods were done by the SEAL who used to run this rig before trading it in.


I guess the mods really detracted from the appeal this rig carried for most people, but it is exactly what I was looking for. Less material on the backside of a RRV results in a lower profile – why keep the bib there if you’re not going to use it, right?

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Guns Update 6/21/2014

Let me preface this with saying sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I do have a brief update for you all…

Umarex HK416/VFC M4 (parts build)


KA M4A1 (finally reassembled it)


TM SCAR-H (slowly modding it)


More details on each of these coming soon.