EDC Bag: Mystery Ranch Full Moon

Now that I am back in Hong Kong, it has become harder for me to carry things – thus I felt a need to buy an EDC bag. Since my favourite shop, DS Tactical, is now half way around the world, I made do with the equivalent in Hong Kong, Supreme Co.. After looking around there, I decided on the Mystery Ranch Full Moon.

2014-06-23 23.38.02

The capacity for the bag is 6.5L with measurements of 17cm x 29cm x 10cm. With this amount of capacity, I felt that it is the perfect size for carrying my everyday essentials – keys, phone, wallet, smokes and collapsible umbrella (this one is especially useful in Hong Kong).

With its strap, this bag can be worn as either a fanny pack or a shoulder pack. If you are travelling and are worried someone will open the zipper and take your valuables, there is an internal pocket inside.

2014-06-23 23.40.22

This compartment is backed with a piece of card to help keep the pack’s shape. Behind the pack is about a quarter inch of padding. This padding is adequate enough to provide some comfort if you do intend to carry a heavier load.

2014-06-23 23.39.06

There is also a little handle for when you feel your manliness overcome by the need to use a purse. The back is mesh lined which allows for better breathability, which is essential in hot & humid environments (like in Hong Kong).

2014-06-26 14.36.22 2014-06-26 14.37.26

The PMAGs for scale. As you can see, the pack can accommodate 4 PMAGs width wise, the height also just fits a PMAG if you line it against the back. As an everyday pack, this can carry more then enough.

2014-06-23 23.42.01

One last this about this pack is that it has water resistant zippers, which is good for short durations of rain (like in Hong Kong).

Overall, this bag is perfect for what I was looking for in a EDC bag. It will take me a while before I can see if it can hold up to everyday abuse, but I will update you once I get a better feel of it.


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