Dr. Tran

What happens when you tell “Jaws” that his helmet isn’t entirely kosher for the kit he’s been working on?

As it turns out, his el cheapo 2002 repro lid appears to be some sort of plastic coated onto what looks like a fiber-like material. This did pose a slight issue when it came to figuring out how to chop it to become a high cut, as the material turned out to not cut nearly as easily as my “lightweight” ABS-made 2000 clone. But alas, a Dremel with cut-off disc managed to make short work of the amputation. “Jaws” has yet to obtain some sort of rubber or plastic to seal off the edges, but this video most definitely captures some of the best moments of his process thus far.

All that dust we inhaled probably took a few years off our lives… totally worth it.


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